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Elecromagnetic Radiation: CFL vs LED vs Incandescent
02-28-2012, 12:35 PM,
RE: Elecromagnetic Radiation: CFL vs LED vs Incandescent
There was no irony, sarcasm or anything else in your statement on Freemasonry and October 1917 you little liar, I quote:

RE: Freemasonry and October 1917
"It was the Jews".

You just got through telling how you post a silly little cartoon when you are having a laugh, though no doubt you will go and add one now (retrospectively!) You modified your last two posts and added coments that were not there before on this thread! We can all play that silly game, but I would very quickly get confused regarding who originally said what, the context they said it etc etc but this is actually an irrelvant discussion. In fact the Newspaper stated:


Where does it mention gassing of concentration camp victims??? I never mentioned it and nether did the article! The article mentions the the use of phenol (administered via injection from Nazi doctors). You are trying to argue against a point Im not even making! The article mentions the bulbs releasing gas, not Nazis. Your brain is obviously programmed to 'spazz-out' whenever you read the words 'nazi' 'concentration camp' and 'gas' in the same paragraph!

Killing with Syringes: Phenol Injections
Doctors as Phenol Executioners

For a doctor, phenol injections were the most literal example of the entire healing-killing reversal. Although most of the injections were given by nonphysicians, SS doctors initiated them in Auschwitz, maintained responsibility for their administration, and sometimes continued to perform the injections themselves.

An early practitioner of phenol killing was Dr. Franz von Bodman, whom Langbein described as having shown considerable “initiative” in this form of murder. Although at Auschwitz only briefly, Bodman managed, as chief doctor (Standortarzt) during the summer of 1942, to inject many inmates by vein, resulting in slow and painful deaths. Once two girls who had been shot by SS men, one in the stomach and the other in the thigh, were brought to the medical block; Bodman prohibited anyone from treating the wounds and then personally injected both girls with phenol.19 It is likely that this man’s zeal in phenol killing was related both to especially strong Nazi involvement and to psychological inclinations toward omnipotence and sadism.

Josef Mengele injected phenol on several occasions — though not as regularly as Bodman — with his characteristic combination of detachment and flair (as I shall discuss on page 347). But the individual doctor most associated with phenol injections in Auschwitz was Friedrich Entress. Entress was a Polish ethnic German (from eastern territories lost to Poland after the First World War), who had been educated in German grammar and secondary schools and joined pro-German and pro-Nazi student groups at the university in Poznan. He entered the SS early and went quickly into the concentration-camp system immediately upon completing his medical training (indeed without having to write his dissertation), first at Gross-Rosen and then at Auschwitz, in December 1941, at the age of twenty-seven. Langbein, with considerable justification, characterized Entress as the “most notorious of all camp doctors.”20 In setting up the experiments with various substances that eventuated in phenol injections, into first the vein and then the heart, Entress was maximizing the murderous elements in the central directives he received. His interpretation of such directives generally followed that of the Political Department, and he was personally close to the extraordinarily brutal head of that department, Maximilian Grabner. Like Grabner, Entress was in conflict with Eduard Wirths, who arrived in Auschwitz in September 1942 and advocated a less draconian interpretation of these directives.

For instance, Wirths could accept the directive that tuberculosis patients had to undergo “special treatment” because they were a danger to others and could not be medically treated in Auschwitz, but wished to limit the policy to such patients, while Entress and Grabner “interpreted the order from Berlin as blanket permission to inject all Muselmänner and patients who were unlikely to return quickly to work.”

Medical Killing and the
Psychology of Genocide
Robert J. Lifton

Yes there is a contradiction in using the internet to argue its a waste of time, but until we collectively switch off the internet and organise against the New World Order in the real world there will be no opposition to what is going down.
02-29-2012, 06:39 AM, (This post was last modified: 02-29-2012, 06:40 AM by nwo2012.)
RE: Elecromagnetic Radiation: CFL vs LED vs Incandescent
Yes I must be a liar be cause you say so. I know what I posted and in what context. And did I edit my posts after you posted? I edited because I wanted to add something I missed or to correct grammar/spelling. Read the times of the edits, well before your replies. Regarding your fictional facts about Nazi doctor's, I couldnt care less even IF it is true. Sorry, were you there, is there evidence of these phenol injections? Nope so you don't really know what is true then. So called survivors had Mengele in many different places around the same time, so he must of had many clones. Well ahead of his time, must be the results of those fictional experimemts. Face it, all your info is bullshit. More time wasting on the time wasting internet. What a sad life mate.
Was going to edit my spelling mistakes but better not be stand accused of editing in retrospect. Lol at you.
02-29-2012, 11:25 AM,
RE: Elecromagnetic Radiation: CFL vs LED vs Incandescent
You had all night to reply and thats the best you can come up with???

Go and Jack off over Hitler you little cretin, you deserve to live under a Nazi regime.

Rather than having the common decency to admit you simply misread
the article you're still trying to stand your (rapidly crumbling underneath) ground you fruitcake.

You dont care even if it was true? I would suggest you don't really mean what you said there. Though you can always go back and 'modify' your post! What if that was YOUR Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Daughter, Son? That comment really puts a lot of things in perspective. How many of you have sat around and slagged off Alex Jones on the grounds he has a 'Jew Wife' - you people are disgusting. Say what you like about Alex, I dont ever recall him saying he dosnt care about the Eugenics and murder of concentration camp victims via phenol injection!

So Eugenics via lethal injection (Nazis) = good, Eugenics via the Western methods = bad. And you like to think of yourself as anti New World Order?

Im still waiting for substantiation of your idiot comments on my Freemasonry and Anarchism thread.

"It was the Jews"

Let me substantiate it for you seen as most of your time is spent wanking
off over Nazi's.

Read Maurice Pinay - The Secret Driving Force Behind Communism.

It is obvious the vast majority of eastern european/russian commies were Jews. This bunch of Dirty Jew Bastards were Nazis and sucked satans schlong. In Mr Texe Marrs terminology they 'currently reside in hell'. The problem is that the people who created and ran them were largely non Jew! In fact some of the soviet backers like the House of Morgan, and good old 33rd degree Henry Ford were even publicly anti-Jew!

If you need substantiation on this look at my first post on Freemasonry and October 1917 - it truly is devastating to the 'it was the Jews' argument - the internet commentators wont touch it though they have all read it. It took me a couple of months of hard studying and cross referencing to put it together and the results surprised myself.

The biggest problem is no-one likes to tear into the Masons for too long as they know there will be serious consequences in their personal lives, so instead the commentators spin all kinds of BS.

The Nazi collaboration is even more damning on the issue of
Freemasonry. Without such high league Masons such as Owen Young, the vile and repugnant Henry Ford, IBM's Thomas Watson (and I could keep going all day with the names) the Nazi's always would have been a safety valve for alcoholics and sexually repressed (usually in the closet faggot) no hopers. Many many Jews worked with the Nazis, the Nazis simply 'Aryianised' them, a good example of the gross hypocrisy and corruption at work in Aryan Natzism.

There is good and bad in all, understanding and applying his universal law is one of the keys to life on this earth and whatever lies beyond. The problem is the overwhelming majority is extremly bad. For this reason I have no allegiance to any faith, religion, creed or race. The only thing I have allegiance to is what I have found as a tiny proportion of 'good' which exists amongst all peoples and faiths, and which you truly have to wade through the scum of all peoples and cultures to get to. This is Christianity as I percieve it, whether it be Muslim, Jew, Hindu, Black, White, Yellow whatever.

I told you a few posts ago to save your comments for the illiteratti who populate these forums but you had to persist didnt you? Why dont you simply admit that you misread the Newspaper aticle I posted, and tell us something interesting about lightbulbs since the only reason I posted on this thread was that I seriously despise the energy saving lightbulbs.

03-01-2012, 09:34 AM, (This post was last modified: 03-01-2012, 09:46 AM by nwo2012.)
RE: Elecromagnetic Radiation: CFL vs LED vs Incandescent
Yes I did a full edit! I had posed some not too good stuff and changed my mind.
Yes I admit I may have misread your post though I believe the phenol injections as much as I believe the human lampshades, hence my post. No more time wasting. But I did not spend a long time on my replies as you suggest, so saying is that the best I can come up with all night is a but of a BS statement. Also I am very fond of AJ, so that reply can not apply to me. Though I think he is wrong on the Nazi view though I do not think, unlike others, that he is covering for Jews. You can find many posts by me on here where I say that I do NOT think the Jews are at the top of the pyramid and are most likely being played to appear so but that said Zionists are an evil bunch of scumbags.
03-07-2012, 07:01 PM,
RE: Elecromagnetic Radiation: CFL vs LED vs Incandescent
CFL bulbs break very easily!

Last week I accidentally crushed one with my hand. I grabbed the glass tubes in order to unscrew the bulb from a lamp socket. It collapsed. White powder and glass shards sprayed all over my couch and computer desk.

I must break this habit I acquired from decades of unscrewing incandescent bulbs. Grasp the CFL bulb by the *base* not the bulb.

Incidentally, I replaced that bulb with an incandescent because it sits right next to my head when I'm on my couch.

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