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It's happen b4 and it will happen again!!!
10-30-2010, 06:39 PM,
It's happen b4 and it will happen again!!!
Check out this fct up shit! As many here know I'm very into tech, but when it's like this .... keep asimido
Remember Knowledge is the only thing THEY can't take from you, and Knowledge is Know how, and Know how is Power!!!

Live long and Prosper!!!! Have a plan beyond words, and worry not of why the storm is coming as to how you're going to survive in it!!!!

Deathanyl @gmail!!!!!!
11-04-2010, 01:10 AM,
RE: It's happen b4 and it will happen again!!!
Hmm. A couple of thoughts:
The Japanese look programmed themselves, to me at least, so even when they think they've done a good job, to my Western eyes it would ALWAYS look spooky. I'm a bit partial to women who have a pink wet mouth, and not a matt black sink hole.
Even so I thought this would make a great pajama button. All I'd have to do would be to convince myself it wouldn't exterminate me.
Ah, forget it.
However, one day... when I'm gone, sadly...

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