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What's the matter with Marc Emery supporters?
09-01-2010, 10:20 PM,
RE: What's the matter with Marc Emery supporters?
So I made up another video of my signs, I am trying to get others to post signs like I have aswell.
As you can tell I read from a piece of paper lol thought it might help,hard to do without camera man around to help out.
I will try to make a better one up one saturday with the help of someone else but untill then oh well I think people will still understand what I am saying.
I will post it at youtube again.
09-13-2010, 12:44 AM,
RE: What's the matter with Marc Emery supporters?
On saturday sept 11th I posted my free Marc Emery signs on highway #4 in Port alberni for the 18th saturday in a row.
I watched the news and it said Marc Emery was sentenced to 5yrs for selling Marijuana seeds but failed to talk about how america stepped on our freedoms by taking him away while out sick corrupt harper government allowed it.
The media likes to leave out the fact he is a political prisoner and has nothing to do with seeds but instead he is nothing but a target for the help he has given to the Marijuana movement in the United States.

Saturday morning watching the news let me know I am doing the right thing by posting my signs because the sick evil corrupt elite as we all know ,tell the media what to post and not post.
So posting my signs educate the people more than what the media does,does the media tell the people to GOOGLE MARC EMERY or tell them AMERICA MUST FREE MARC EMERY faithfully every week ? , I do.

My signs may not reach out to as many viewers as the media but I at least know well over 18 000 vehicles have past by my signs in the past 18 weeks.
Plus I am starting to do some video recording about me and my signs and stacking them up them release them all at the same time when ready.

Today I painted another 4by8ft sheet of plywood that will read SAY NO TO BILL S-10 AND THE CONSERVATIVES.
This I will attach to the other 4by8 sign to make a sandwich board,bill S-10 must be stopped so I will be proud to post this sign.

Again folks it ain't hard what I am doing,make up just one or two signs and gab a few friends and do as I do faithfully and it sends a message that we are serious about our sovereignty and will fight to keep it and will not back down.
Poor media they know they cannot come near me with thier camers at least not to speak to me or interview me because they have been ordered not too.
They know i will only want to talk about how Port Alberni police caused my nervouse breakdown in 07 so they could place me in mental hospital and discredit me and try to institutionalize me.
They know I will only wish to speak of how the law and government now use gangstalkers to destroy anyone would thinks they can come foreward with info on serious crimes against children.
I will only want to speak of how they tried to pin a crime on me someone else did who the law also knows is responsible for.

Makes me laugh how the media thinks they can avoid me,only for so longuntill they realize the nonviolent completly legal things I am doing is slowly but surely one saturday at at time closer to the truth of thier sick crimes being known to the whole country let alone the world.

I would like to go to nanaimo or better yet victoria for the world wide free Marc Emery rally but I will be proudly posting my signs at my spot for the 19th time.

Anyone else who feels Marc should be free then please go attend a rally near you if possible,even if you don't bring a sign just go and show your support, the more people the better.

Most start at 12 noon I do believe so if you can make it please do and if you have a computer you can go to the right site(hate to be spamming) to find FREE MARC paper poster you can print out to bring with you.

09-20-2010, 03:45 PM,
RE: What's the matter with Marc Emery supporters?
OMG this is a being used as a political ploy - to get Ignatieff and more Globalist Greens in office.

Quote:First, you need to look up the election results from the last federal election (Google "Canada Federal Election Results"), available at

If your Member of Parliament is a Conservative, find out who almost beat them or came in second last time, and support and vote for that person whether they're NDP or Liberal or Bloc, or the Greens.

If your MP is NOT a Conservative, but there is a Conservative who is close to beating them, support your MP - whatever their party - against the Conservative challenger.

If your MP is in a "secure seat", where they won't lose to anyone, then support and vote for the Greens because every vote equals $1.95 to the party, so that really helps the most progressive party in terms of drug policy in Canada (and which I am a candidate for in Vancouver South).

No mention of the independents, Canadian Action Party, or even the marijuana party? Maybe she's brainwashed - yeah that's probably it. But it makes me wonder if this was all a stunt to promote drugs and "legalize it" which really means the government takes monopolistic control or corporations take out patents and deal it (like on opium) and mess with it as they see fit like they do with adding 1000s of toxins to ciggys for 'flavour'.

It also clears the issue of maintaining control of the drug industry when instituting digital currency. Either that or the black market will have to accept alternatives forms of payment which could result in a meteoric rise in the already common practice of trading sexual favours for a hit. Then again necessity is the mother of invention and ingenuity could lead to bundling transactions with legitimate goods and services like pizza delivery, or even online transactions like an e-book, mp3 or software licence.

Marc is "working to pass Proposition 19 in California" and repeatedly plugs it in his articles.

Well, I just read through some critiques of Prop 19. Not so good.

* Acne, anxiety, an ankle sprain -- virtually any ailment qualifies for treatment with medical marijuana. Even kids with developing minds. Kids already have access to medical weed since everyone knows somebody with a cannabis card.

* The federal government can enforce its laws against marijuana in California as it chooses.

* It doesn't expunge records or let those in prison for charges out of jail.

* It puts limits as to how much one can carry and sell so if you grow your own or are a medical marijuana grower it takes that right away from you and channels that business to the state or crony growers.

* There is a strange legal point that outlines a "city" so that is only inclusive of San Francisco.

It's a stealth anti-competition law. They will take control of the product away from smaller growers without repealing those already in the prison industry.

More good points on this being a trojan horse here:

There will probably be rules introduced against growing your own dope in a lot of places so people will be forced to buy from liscence

The real issue in the Marc Emery case is the deportation and international law. This case sets a new precedent in raising the bar for international enforcement of foreign and global centrist law.
There are no others, there is only us.
09-21-2010, 01:04 AM,
RE: What's the matter with Marc Emery supporters?
Fast you are so true,it has allways been an issue of how do they legalize while remaining in complete control of our lives.
They want to tell me how much I can grow and what kind I can grow and aswell as the level of thc in the plant.

Some Dutch officials are allready complaining that the thc level has increased dramaticaly in just the last few years and they are disscusing putting a thc level on the marijuana that is to be sold.

The government has no choice in it because they know they must legalize it while still keeping contoll and must do it before the people wake up and believe in that saying "when the people lead the leaders will follow" because if this is the case the the people will remain in controll of it and the government gets the short end of the stick.

They claim it is usually around 20% thc but some as high as 64% thc levels have been found,lol reminds me of some good shit going around in the later 80's.
so yes it is true it is all about controlling us and not giving us the right to grow and smoke it freely.

Yes there sure are pros and cons on prop 19,and i find it hard to believe my government wants to label us all sicklies just so we can smoke it and at the same time controll it all aswell.
I smoke weed because god put it on this planet for us all to use and not as a means for the man to controll us and I smoke it to keep healthy not because I am unhealthy.
Don't get me wrong I am fully aware cannabis was once in our medicine cabinets and it should be used for medical purposes but I want to use it because I can not because I have to and I also want to use it for fuel and to build things with and this cannot happen while it is under controll.
Cannabis belongs to the people not the state.
09-26-2010, 05:27 AM, (This post was last modified: 09-26-2010, 07:15 PM by persecuted in alberni.)
RE: What's the matter with Marc Emery supporters?
Today was week #20posting my signs on highway#4,I made a video to put on youtube showing my signs on the jhighway,I will post it tomorrow.
I have added a 4by8 say no to bill S-10 sign to my other signs aswell.

My video is labeled Marc Emery signs on highway #4 week20.
09-26-2010, 02:06 PM,
RE: What's the matter with Marc Emery supporters?
Quote:Yes there sure are pros and cons on prop 19,and i find it hard to believe my government wants to label us all sicklies just so we can smoke it and at the same time controll it all aswell.

Don't be so quick to compromise. Read a bill before throwing your weight behind it. Don't assume anything. If you need help interpreting it, ask.
There are no others, there is only us.
09-26-2010, 08:16 PM,
RE: What's the matter with Marc Emery supporters?
(09-26-2010, 02:06 PM)FastTadpole Wrote:
Quote:Yes there sure are pros and cons on prop 19,and i find it hard to believe my government wants to label us all sicklies just so we can smoke it and at the same time controll it all aswell.

Don't be so quick to compromise. Read a bill before throwing your weight behind it. Don't assume anything. If you need help interpreting it, ask.

What I am saying fast is that currently the only way to smoke it and use it in a legal manner is to come up with an ailment so I can get an ok from my doctor.
I see alot of people with compassion cards and I am aware that the ailment they have is so low of an ailment I think it is bullshit and simply just a bullshit reason to get a card.
I could come up with an ailment too that if brought to the right doctor I could get my card too but I refuse to allow my government to make me stoop that low as to bullshit my way into being label as one with ailments.
I am healthy because I smoke cannabis and doctors are well aware that the cronic dopers have a habit of avoiding visits to the doctor because there is no need to see one.
It should be legal to smoke it to stay healthy never mind legalizing it for all the sick ones.
When just the sick ones can grow and smoke it and be free of persecution then everyone will become sicklies so they can live free of persecution.

I refuse to allow the man to force me to pretend I am sick and weak to stand tall and proud as a Canadian citizen and freely smoke my weed.

What I am saying is all that medical marijuana thing is nothing but bullshit but at the same time if it is how we get out foot in the door to legalizing then I guess that's the way it is.

I honestly do believe it is our right as human beings to use and consume the plant that has shown itself as the worlds #1 renewable resource and healer of many ailments without fear of persecution and any thing/force/group that tries to stop this should be annihilated for the sake of mankind.

You see fast people like you need to understand that cronics like me have been smoking it for thirty years and have had plenty of time to grow my own aswell.
At the same time in all those many years as a cronic if one chooses not to use violence or do no other crimes and hurts no one and I could have even been going to church faithfully every sunday for those thirty years I smoked it.
I could have saved lives or perhaps just simply be a good person and perhaps volunteer for your community in all those years and still it don't mean shit in the eyes of the government and the law that we are expected to believe in and obey.
I could have saved a thousand lives in my life and still in the eyes of my government and the laws and yes you MR HARPER I am a scum sucking low life piece of shit that should be thrown in jail for 18months because I made some pot cookies.
I am a criminal in the eyes of mr Harper and all his sick evil supporters who wish to imprison us all regaurdless of our achievemnets and or who we are.
So prop 19 means shit to me fast is what I am saying,I hope you do understand what I am saying and if you don't ,feel free to ask for help

10-20-2010, 12:14 AM,
RE: What's the matter with Marc Emery supporters?
This past weekends legal fund raiser for Marc Emery did very well,I believe it was just over 20 000 dollars which was twice as much as he needed but I'm sure the rest will help aswell.

I felt bad cause I never got around to sending money on saturday but felt better when I heard about the amount they made,that's great.
I and another supporter still plan on sending money anyway and since Marc has written letters to me and I know this is a cost for him I so will anyway.

It is nice to know the funds for the lawyers is secure nice to see, great work Jodie,she works so hard for her husband.
When I was out there with my signs on saturday I was thinking about how quickly these past 32 weeks have gone but then thought about how slowly it must have been for Marc lol.
I can't believe I have been there 23 saturdays straight in a row,you gotta be nuts to do anything for 23 saturdays straight in a row lol.
I'm just kidding folks don't listen to that , go make up some signs and get out there and do the same,if you have a friend or two it is even funner.
Oh shit that reminds me in my world "FUNNER" is a word and it can and will be used and please I don't want to go off on a threat about it either ok lol.

Serious though if you get just four friends together and each throws in a few dollars and a few tools and get some dope and munchies and make it an artsy fartsy night and get creative and make some FREE MARC EMERY signs.
Well ok so you don't have to get some dope but just get together with a few friends and make some signs up and when done find a good spot with high visability to post them.

Try and have all four of you meet there all the time faithfully each week and this way at least if you are busy and can't make it you can be safe to know your signs will still allways be there at that time once each week for an hour or two.
Bring drink and snacks and a lawn chair and get comfy with your signs and have no fear and do not be ashamed to stand up for freedom and defend your countries great freedom fight.
It is good to bring a video camera if you can it is allway good to take pics of you and your signs to post on the net and Marc would love to see them too I bet.
Speaking of which I posted more videos at youtube,I have a few labeled Port Alberni gangstalking and I also am explaining while on the highway with my signs.
I have others called Marc Emery signs on highway # 4,week #23 parts 1-5 and I figure since I am sitting there for two hours each week I would use this time to explain how I was gangstalked and why.

10-20-2010, 06:58 AM,
RE: What's the matter with Marc Emery supporters?
It's all BS. Legalization for medical purposes is nothing more than a different kind of Taxing and Kontrol.

Best to work on removing any and all restrictions on growing industrial hemp. If hemp were grown openly to the extent it could be, there would be no way in hell to stop growing cannabis. CIR is how most is located so, cannabis wouldn't register. Eradication of marijuana by he DEA, which comprises 90% of its budget, would be a total joke. It's the best way to destroy the DEA. The inability to conduct an eradication program would command an agency budget reduction of upwards to 90%.

Squash it like a bug!

Help me. I can't get ANYONE in law enforcement to answer this question:

If it took an amendment to the Constitution to prohibit the manufacture, sale, and distribution of whiskey, and it took another amendment to the Constitution to repeal the earlier one, how and when did CONgress get the authority to prohibit growing a fucking plant?

10-20-2010, 11:16 PM,
RE: What's the matter with Marc Emery supporters?
I agree dicktater,legalizing the hemp is important because as you said when hemp is growing everywhere there is no way they can stop the stuff we smoke.

I personaly believe that had the native peoples of Canada fought for the right to grow hemp many years ago it would be legal today.
Native are famous for blocking roads and highways for their own purpose and if they did it because they were fighting for thier right to grow hemp on native land well let me tell you I would go make up some signs that say" fuck off white man" and go join the protest and so would thousands of other non-natives who also know that when hemp is legal so is the cannabis.

Why would you or I or anyone else care who gets to be the main hemp growers in Canada because all I want is my right to grow my own weed.
In fact if the truth be known I have been working on it for awhile,honestly folks in my way of thinking in just 10 years we could change things so that the natives could build thier own homes and schools,hospitals and universities with thier own money and not the Canadaian tax payers money.

Considering what white man and his religion did to these people I think giving them the hemp industry to run and look after is the least we could do.
So regaurdless of the laws if I were in charge of the native peoples of canada I would be trying to convince them THEY MUST GROW HEMP ON NATIVE LANDS to move ahead and climb out of poverty and allways asking or demanding hand outs from the Canadians government.

If only they knew how much thier peoples would prosper and how many non natives would help them achieve this goal if they just tried it.
Anyway yes again you are right about the hemp,if we all demanded our clothes and homes and everything else be made out of hemp years ago then it would be legal which is why they made us believe it was about us getting high so we would forget about these facts.

It is only a matter of time before the law changes, it is just too bad so many innocent people have to die first before it happens.

10-21-2010, 05:59 AM,
RE: What's the matter with Marc Emery supporters?
Quote:We could change things so that the natives could build their own homes and schools, hospitals and universities with their own money and not the Canadian tax payers money.

That's the key. Extend that to everyone and not only natives. No need for this illusion of necessary dependence on parasites. Why even use the paper they issue. You build something with your hands, a bit of organization, creative ability and the will to do it not money.

Money has never created anything. It is only a tool for stealing and controlling.

People need only to work towards and support virtuous behaviour to push corrupt tyrannical forces off the field in this game they create as they go and we are all too willing to play.
There are no others, there is only us.
10-21-2010, 02:27 PM,
RE: What's the matter with Marc Emery supporters?
yes fast this is true we could all do the same with the hemp but what I ment was in is an industry that they could be part of that would be great for us all not just them.
What I was saying that the whole marijuana movement should have been trying to convince the natives to say "fuck you white man we are going to grow hemp".
If mining companies can approach native bands and try and convince them to mine the top of thier mountains and have it forever destroyed then why can't we approach them with a plan on growing hemp.
The problem is we need someone who is not afraid to gather thier people and protest if the government screws with them.
I think natives should get together right across the country and discuss growing hemp on every piece of native lands right across the country and say fuck white man and his laws and do what is good for thier people to prosper with in the future.
Again I hope mr Atleo you listening,if they do I am gonna make up some signs and come and join them and if they choose to use weapons and violence against anyone who chosses to stop them from growing hemp I too will come and join their fight.

And yes fast we should all be doing the same thing natives are famous for doing in this country and that is blocking highways and roads to stand up for what belongs to us all.
12-30-2010, 04:49 PM,
RE: What's the matter with Marc Emery supporters?
Hello again Marc Emery supporters,I have posted vids at youtube called "port Alberni gangstalking part # 43",please watch all vids by alberniscorrupt and tell others to watch them too please.

I have also posted vids called "marc Emery signs on highway #4 week #29" at youtube and will add one every week.

I have made up one more sign to post out on the highway it says "google organized gang stalking" and will be posting it soon.jan 1st will be the 30th time I have posted signs along highway #4 in port alberni.

I need a lawyer but am to poor for that and so all I can do is tell others and warn them of gangstalking so please tell everyone you know to watch my videos,thanks very much,bye for now.
12-30-2010, 08:58 PM,
RE: What's the matter with Marc Emery supporters?
I think it should be fully legalized, but medicinal is too important to pass up just because it isn't enough. It's a step in the right direction and there are people that seriously need this medicine to live!
12-31-2010, 04:34 AM,
RE: What's the matter with Marc Emery supporters?
(09-26-2010, 02:06 PM)FastTadpole Wrote: Don't be so quick to compromise. Read a bill before throwing your weight behind it. Don't assume anything. If you need help interpreting it, ask.

that may be the best damn post I've ever seen on this forum. props. If I can give you another rep point for that, I will.
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