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Viereck-Strangest Friendship in History-Woodrow Wilson&Colonel House(1932)
03-10-2010, 01:22 PM,
Viereck-Strangest Friendship in History-Woodrow Wilson&Colonel House(1932)
This is George Sylvester Viereck's amazing book The Strangest Friendship in History - Woodrow Wilson and Colonel House (1932) which tells the true story of the little known relationship between 28th US President and a mysterious figure of Edward M. House who came to completely dominate his political decisions throughout the presidency. Colonel House, as he was called, was literally Woodrow Wilson's other self as both men shared similar political views but as the reader will notice upon reading this rare book, it was House that came to dominate the two. Viereck pilots the reader through uncharted seas of history without attempting to follow strictly the order of events in time. Many will be surprised to discover that for six and one-half years the United States was governed by a Duumvirate - a committee of two. They will notice the confusion prevailing in the diplomatic service of the United States because the Duumvirs, scorning official avenues of diplomacy, chose to communicate with foreign governments through channels of their own. They shall witness the spectacle of a President disowning his own ambassadors, and of ambassadors disowning their government. They shall catch intimate glimpses of monarchs and of premiers and hear what Colonel House said to the Kaiser and to King George, and what they said to him. They shall discover the origin of the "strangest and most fruitful alliance in history," and for the first time, the true story of why it was broken. The author lifts the veil that hides the real causes of the rupture between Woodrow Wilson and Colonel House, even from House himself. There will be no doubt as to who was the real author of the Fourteen Points and who tried to save them in Paris that brought the Treaty of Versailles. Wilson's secret agreement pledging the United States to intervention before he was reelected will cast its dark shadow on American history as it would mean breaking of every election promise he ever gave. The book makes clear why Wilson reversed himself on the Panama tolls, and why he plunged America into war. Viereck also uncovers why, in spite of his gentleman's agreement with England, Wilson called the British "boobs," and why the United States was on the verge of war with Great Britain during the Wilson Administration. Also why, twice in his career, President Wilson was on the point of resigning the Presidency and why Wilson refused to support his son-in-law McAdoo's Presidential ambitions, and other carefully guarded secrets. Furthermore the author makes the astounding discovery that for six and one-half months Edith Boiling Wilson was virtually President of the United States as Wilson himself was very sick in that period. The Strangest Friendship in History as an example of character study and historical interpretation is of unique and exceptional importance, in fact everyone interested in the history of the world at that time (pre-WW1 years) will find out what exactly went on behind the scenes of world politics. It is commonly believed that Colonel House was in fact a Rothschild agent, assigned the task of seeing the Federal Reserve Act brought into law, thus (again) privatizing the issuance of American money. If so, this book is even more of major importance to every American. 370 pages. A must read for everyone.


Please share this book with others, add links on other forums as I don't know many of them.

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