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The Law Of Love
10-05-2006, 09:32 PM,
The Law Of Love

Regardless of the many achievements that have been accomplished by people today in the fields of science, the arts, technology, social welfare and the distribution of economic resources - one thing is still missing:

Love. Only with Love can all these achievements be beneficial: of great value for all. Only with Love, can these be used in such a way that they have significance. If man does not embrace Love, he will lose everything and will experience ruin.

The Master preached about Love as the Path of Salvation for humankind. He revealed Her Manifestations, qualities, actions and Laws: the limitless Wealth of the perfect World from which he came. He bore witness to this World with his life, his Teaching and every deed.

The Master always had something new to say about Love. One day, he told us:

"The moment in which we attain Love, we will be One with God. When I speak about Love, you need to understand that I am speaking of the only Way of coming to know God. If we do not come to know God, He will not be able to give us His Knowledge.

"The Law states: when you speak about Love, speak with your softest voice. Speak so softly that you will hardly be heard. And speak softly about Light and Wisdom as well. Speak as softly as the dawn.

"Divine Virtue has a fragrance.

"If Divine Justice were to enter your heart, Truth - your mind, and Virtue - your will, you would be filled with an essential fragrance more sublime than that of the flowers. This fragrance - is called 'njuks'. No other essence that has been created by Nature is more fragrant than 'njuks'. This Essence is the elixir that the alchemists have been attempting to discover for centuries. When you are able to extract it, your joy will be greater than that of any man on earth. Your joy will be so great that it will defy description. The primary component of this Essence is Love: that Love of the One which you can perceive even when He does not speak. Love possesses a fragrance like that of a carnation: its scent can be perceived even at a distance.

"In this world, the Law of diversity exists which states: each is permitted to experience Love as he understands it, and none can err. Man does not need to be taught how to love.

"Another unique characteristic of Love is that man is unable to express his love in the same way to everyone. Your love towards each person is unique. Just as every person is a unique manifestation of the Love of God, each expresses his love in a specific way which you feel. The Love of God has a unique essential quality that no other love possesses. It is this which makes man unique.

"Love first manifests towards God, towards the Sublime; and then towards the weak, the needy and the abandoned. In the end She manifests towards the similar. This manifestation of Love is called 'the Love of resemblance'. Through this Love, a communion of beings occurs. This is Love in its state of ascension through which souls are able to evolve and the consciousness is able to expand.

"Should a good man with a weak character become enamored with one who is in darkness, the good man will start to err and will acquire the other's faults. When a good man's love is for the Divine, this will not happen.

"To dwell in the presence of Love, one must take the upward path: that is to say, one must connect with the Invisible World and with God. The good man is the one who is connected with those who are strong: with those who come from on High. If he is not, he will be vandalized for being good. And yet, when you are connected with the Ones who are strong - with the Divine - all your wealth is deposited in the Divine Bank and you cannot be vandalized; whereas here on earth, only your savings book is held.

"There is a Law that states: when two people either like or despise one another, they will receive from one another the most positive and virtuous character traits at first - and after that - the negative and bad character traits. This is an inextricable Law. Regardless of whether you like or despise a person, you will start behaving as he does. You ask, 'What can I do to free myself of this Law?' You cannot free yourself of this Law, but you can love the Divine within every human being. Therefore, love God in whomever He makes Himself manifest that you may begin to love as He does. For this reason, begin loving the Divine within all beings.

"Another Law of Love states: when you love another you will receive half of his good or bad state. Should he become impoverished, you will become poor as well. Should he become wealthy, you will acquire half of his wealth.

"Another Law states: even when all despise you, there will always be one who loves you. When all begin to love you, there will always be at least one who does not love you. This cannot be avoided. This Law is based upon our present level of development.

"You meet a person who appears to love you. Why does he love you? There had been a time when you wanted him to love you; and so, now he loves you. Unfathomable are the Ways of God.

"A Law is stated thusly: when you visualize that which is the most sublime about a person, he will become attracted to you.

"Another Law of Love states: when a person abides in Love, he will have the power to attract others to himself. Should he pass by a person - this is sufficient for him to be followed. However, the person abiding in Love will be only recognized by those whose consciousness has awakened. But for those whose consciousness has not awakened, he is considered as an ordinary man. The one who abides in Love can be compared to a flower in bloom which attracts the bees. Why are they all attracted to this flower? Because there is something that they can receive from it. This is what Love represents: the Ideal Existence. Should the Law of Love be imparted to us, we would have the power to attract others. One of man's tasks is to receive from God and pass on to others that which has received. When you love someone, it is because Someone else loves you, and with this Love, you love him. This is the Law of Oneness of Love.

"When I tell you that I love someone, it is because I am aware that this Love has already come to realization. It could have come to realization in the physical, the spiritual, or in the Divine World."

A brother asked, "How is Love able to become contaminated?"

The Master replied:

"All thoughts which reach you - these become your personal environment. When Love enters this environment, it absorbs from it the influence of your negative thoughts; and in this way, it becomes contaminated.

"One Law of Love reigns Supreme: the One who loves you rejoices over the least thing you give Him. The One who loves you may give you a small seed, and you should rejoice because from this seed, something great will come. Only Love is able to create something great from the least of things. Whenever a person lives outside of Love - the greatest of things will diminish; and yet, when a person abides in Love, the least of things will increase. We all need to test these things."

Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno)
10-05-2006, 11:23 PM,
The Law Of Love
A direct quote from the above:

"Divine Virtue has a fragrance.


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