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Debunking Dan Winters, Jose Arguelles, Et. Al.
12-22-2006, 07:38 PM,
Debunking Dan Winters, Jose Arguelles, Et. Al.
Latest Debunking of New Age-CIA stuff

ok the problem with Dan Winters stuff is that he's promoting the Freemasonic -CIA Matrix agenda!

That website conflates "equal-tempered"-based science with non-western magic.

Gematria is based on the equal-tempered principle -- or the equipartition principle.

So while cymatics may have proven that Hebrew letters are the waveform of their pronounciation sound -- the equipartitioned-based geometria of lining letters with numbers (a one to one correspondance) is still CIA-Freemasonic Matrix propaganda.

If this propaganda does not seem heinous keep in mind that the CIA is totally against "back to the land" self-sovereign cultures (so killed 100,000 Mayans in the 1980s in Guatemala for example).

The tactic is to assimilate these cultures -- hence Drunvalo Melchizadek's recent claim that the Kogi are really just students of Dan Winter (more or less).

OK -- the Golden Ratio is taught as A is to B as B is to A plus B -- but that's based on the equi-partitioned principle of equal-tempered tuning!!

In fact the number value for the golden ratio starts as 1 is to 2 as 2 is to 3 -- the same as the Pythagorean Tetrad.

But in music theory (nonWestern tuning -- the Solfegio scale promoted on the website and CONFLATED with the golden ratio) -- 2:3 = 3:4.

How can this be? Because by Hemholtz' overtone analysis of harmonics (using beats) the Major Third and the Major 6th have the least beats -- after the Perfect 5th and Perfect 4th.

so the Perfect 5th is 2:3 which as C to G turns into 3:4 as G to C and the Major Third is the Natural Number harmonic series extension as 5:4 with the Major Sixth as 5:8 -- the Fibonacci Number Series.

It needs to be understood that Kepler's secret symbol (an Tetrad or equilateral triangle) resonates as it opposites through ASYMMETRICAL NUMBER creating an ellipse through the Major 3rd-Major 6th ratios.

What is the Major sixth but nothing less than the continous fraction of One plus One divided by One as "I Am that I AM" (with alpha and omega being the All Seeing Eye -- I is One and AM is 2:3:4 with "that" being the 4th dimension of space as "empty awareness")

In otherwords there is no equipartition geomatria in Pythagorean tuning!!

Since 2:3 equals 3:4 then the one to one correspondance of A:B::B:A plus B is violated.

In fact the ratio 2:3 was the only ratio in Egypt that was never broken up into remainder ratios.

2:3 is YANG in Taoism -- this is detailed in my masters thesis linked at

the whole New Age movement is just a promotion of techno-spirituality -- that nanobiomotors with save us -- just look at the new "nano" technologies promoted by the New Age scene!!

In fact the only thing this nanobiomotor revolution will do is increase the control of machines over people -- more microchip implants and more connections to satellites, etc.

There's big plans by science to convert the whole planet into a superconducting holograph through 'synthetic ecology."

The New Age is getting people to go along with the Freemason-CIA plan by promoting the Golden Ratio as some ancient spirituality.

Egypt never used the Golden Ratio -- again because they didn't have the equi-partitioned principle mandating one to one correspondance of a phonetic letter with number.

Quantum chaos has proven that this one to one correspondance is wrong anyway! So the new age can not even keep up with the lastest in Freemason science. It's pathetic really. for further details.

Basically the New Age insists that the Golden Ratio can not use natural numbers but must rely on the irrational number definition -- even though it's admitted that "nature prefers natural numbers" -- as professor Keith Devlin details (and as Drunvalo Melchizadek admits).

Freemason New Age propaganda is based on the premise that the "circle can be squared" by "containing infinity" -- well guess what?!

Nature can not be contained because it grows out of the "empty awareness" -- the Eternal Feminine repressed by the Fake New Age Freemason CIA propaganda.

Jose Arguelles worked closely with the CIA-Theosophists (Dr. Andrijah Puharich and his buddy professor Oliver L. Reiser and their buddy Julian Huxley).

So you can't fool me with your fake Golden Ratio ancient spirituality lies!

Ancient spirituality is based on music that can not be contained because we exist within it!

Music violates gematria -- 2:3=3:4. Wrap your head around that!


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