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American Indian Genocide Continues
07-06-2009, 05:23 AM,
American Indian Genocide Continues
American Indian Genocide Continues
Scrapie Prion
The planned genocide against the Navajo People of New Mexico, Arizona and Utah continues with the latest poisoning and cover-up by the United States.
Navajos have faced well documented cases of mining Uranium without required protection, exposing them to facing premature abortions, cancer, degenerative diseases and death.
They have lived in the shadow of Rio Puerco, a Uranium waste spill that exceeds 3 Mile Island in the amount of nuclear material leached into the ground, with hundreds of people effected and which has yet to be cleaned up.
They have been poisoned by the United States at Fort Windgate, where Navajo People were exposed to the Hantavirus for the crime of living downwind from the Fort Windgate Munitions Depot. Though rarely mentioned, all cases of Hantavirus in the United States have occurred downwind of U.S. Military Munitions Storage Depots, in Hanford, in Long Island, New York and in Southern California.
And now:
Below is an urgent report we received from New Mexico. Dr Milo Muller has found evidence of mass poisoning of the sheep supply and gross criminal neglegence in the oversight of the USDA, further poisoning the Navajo People.
Not only are we demanding an investigation to this outbreak of Scrapie Prion (Mad Sheep Disease), but all the horrors that the Navajo people have faced in the last 30 years.
"This is continued planned genocide." Charges Russell Means. "They cannot explain it otherwise."
Miloslav Muller, DVM, MPVM
634 Eastlake Drive - Rio Rancho, New Mexico 87124
Dear Friend:
My name is Dr. Milo Muller, I am living in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and my profession is a veterinarian epidemiologist. My specialty is a veterinary public health, and part of my training is to investigate outbreaks of diseases transmissible from animals to humans.
Recently, in dealing with two issues of disparate treatment of American Indians in New Mexico, I found an issue that desperately needs the attention of the American public. In this instance, the Federal Government created this issue, failed to take corrective action when violations of federal laws became known to the upper management in Washington, DC, and then stonewalled a proper investigation of this malfeasance, comparable only to infamous government Tuskegee Experiment on African-American men in 1940's.
My first concern is that the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is unlawfully blocking a proper investigation of reckless exposure of American Indians residing on Navaho Reservation in New Mexico to Scrapie Prion (infection agent similar to Mad Cow Disease). My numerous letters and submissions to the U.S. Office of Special Counsel, U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), and to the USDA Inspector General regarding this malfeasance have been ignored, in direct violations of federal government policies and regulations.
Attached to this email in .PDF file are a few examples of my letters to the U.S. Office of Special Counsel (OSC), a small federal agency responsible for investigation of allegations of prohibited personal practices committed by federal employees.
Regretfully, the OSC management, including the head of the Agency Mr. William Reukauf, do not see any wrongdoing when employees of other federal agencies (USDA) committed fiscal fraud for personal benefits for over $100K, or recklessly causing mutton from Scrapie infected sheep to enter human food chain of American Indians in New Mexico, or destruction of federal documents describing this malfeasance (EEOC, Denver and San Francisco District Office).
Disturbing is also fact that my two submissions to Henry Waxman, Chairman, and Tom Davis, Ranking Member, Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, U.S. House of Representatives, remains unanswered (attached are copies of both submissions). It should come as no surprise that my third letter on this subject dated February 14, 2009, addressed to Edolphus Towns, who replaced Henry Waxman, also remains unanswered.
The second issue is illegal destruction of part of USDA, EEO official complaint file pertinent to discrimination complaint registered by Mr. Carlos Jojola, one-race American Indian from Isleta Pueblo, New Mexico. Destruction of official complaint file documents was committed by the USDA Civil Rights Office employees in close cooperation with the EEOC Phoenix District Office management for sole purpose to falsely claim that in this particular EEO case "no discrimination occurred".
The case was four and half years inactive (in accordance with federal policy it should be resolved in time limit of 180 calendar days), and then suddenly the Agency (USDA) issued its racist, bizarre decision claiming that "no discrimination occurred", in contrary to factual evidence of the record.
Mr. Carlos Jojola was my coworker employed by the USDA in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I am still serving as his EEO Representative in this discrimination case that is currently at the administrative EEOC level. The cause of action in this EEO complaint is racial discrimination, failure to provide reasonable accommodation for Mr. Jojola's disabilities, and harassment by employees of the USDA Personal Operation Branch in Minneapolis, MN.
For your information, attached in .PDF file is an Appeal Form that I submitted to the EEOC in February 2009. Neither USDA nor EEOC contacted me in a good faith for early resolution of this case. Both issues are extreme examples how federal government treats American Indians despite its rhetoric about Equal Employment Opportunity and other baseless claims. I have available 100's of pages of supporting documents fully confirming my allegations.
In my opinion, after quite frustrating experience with multiple governmental entities, I believe that only solution to this situation would be to contact newspapers and to let American public know this malfeasance.
Please contact any trusted journalist who is willing to report on this issue.
Thank you very much for your time.
Miloslav Muller, DVM, MPVM
634 Eastlake Drive - Rio Rancho, New Mexico 87124
About the Attached:
In attachments please find four examples of Scrapie positive test results from the Colorado State Diagnostic Laboratory that is part of School of Veterinary Medicine. Hard copies are available upon request.
Also attached is an article describing the Innunohistochemistry test (IHC) that was used at the above mentioned laboratory for regular screening of those samples. As you can see, this test is practically 100 percent accurate. Basically, it is based on molecular markers, and if in particular sample is present infectious agent Prion, part of affected sample will turn purple. Basically, 4th grader can make diagnosis of positive or negative samples based on color change. It is very specific, as you can see from an article.
Do not be confused by statement on test results form that "these results have not been confirmed by National Veterinary Service Laboratory".
These are standard operating procedures for USDA for any tests performed by a contract laboratories in the USA. In this particular case, this served as a political tool to "decide" what test will be classified as positive or negative, depending on their political agenda, in this case for covering fraud.
Since USDA knew that the collection of samples was fraudulent, and that the collector, USDA technician Mr. Braman, collected samples on monthly basis instead on daily basis as he was paid for, about ten days later, on April 27, 2006, USDA stated that all previously positive samples were "negative". I will send you hard copies of that "decision" in mail. This was of course whitewash for purpose to cover up for illegal activities of multiple USDA officials.
Also, I am sending you one page of scanned slaughter dates for Hunts Meats in Waterflow, New Mexico. This is a plant that slaughtered those infected animals. Please see that the plant was not operating on January 20, 2006, but USDA technician claimed that on that day he collected samples (Test number 420, attached scanned copy) that had one positive sheep. I have multiple documents proving that this was ongoing issue of fraudulently submitted Scrapie samples. Basically, this plant was not inspected as required by USDA regulations, and it is massive multi-level fraud. The owner of the plant contacted USDA in Washington in writing, but they refused to investigate.
This issue should be presented to the press without any unclear areas, so USDA would not have any legitimate defense.
I also contacted Government Accountability Project in Washington DC, who partially worked on this issue three years ago, together with me and with the plant owners. I will hear from them soon if they would be willing to reopen this case. In the past, they contacted USDA with request for those samples (for purpose to send them to England for confirmation of Scrapie), but USDA refused to communicate with them.
Milo Muller
Atachments: A Copy of this Press Release and the following attachments are available through the Website:
Milo Muller's Supporting Documents
-Article about IHC Test
-2nd Letter to OSC Bloch Oct 29 2009
-5th Letter to OSC Reukauf 6 2009
-Carlos Jojola EEOC Appeal Form Feb 2009
-Letter to Rep Henry Waxman Oct 2008
-Letter to RepTom Davis Oct 2008
-Scrapie Pos Test 405
-Scrapie Pos Test 409
-Scrapie Pos Test 419
-Scrapie Pos Test 420
-Slaughter Dates for January 2006

From an email
07-06-2009, 05:40 AM,
American Indian Genocide Continues
oh yea... In America alone, 140 Native people have been genocide since 1492. The greatest holocaust in the entire planet none matching the jewish of 6.6 or so. The greatest extermination of human being happened in the western hemisphere from Alaska to the tip of chile. And yet, it continues still to this time. It continues in Canada, it continues in America, It continues in Mexico, Central America, and South America. Constant genocide being perpetrated as it is continuing in Africa. And yes, Mexico, central, and southern America are Native Americans!! They are not illegal aliens, they are native to turtle island what some have termed the western hemisphere. The programming and brainwashing has been twisted, perspective changed and with it all lies perpetrated against Native Americans. THE GREATEST HOLOCAUST HAPPENED IN THE WESTERN HEMISPHERE. Yet, jews and rogue zionist nazis always are shoving it up peoples throats that they are the victims of the greatest massacred people. Its unfortunate that it happened to jews, and many other genocides, but for some interesting reason, no jew, no people outside of America or inside america admits to the Native American holocaust which to the present, in modern times, it continues unyielding and disgracefully people in America call themselves CIVILIZED PEOPLE...
Unite The Many, defeat the few.

Revolution is for the love of your people, culture, knowledge, wisdom, spirit, and peace. Not Greed!
Soul Rebel Native Son

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