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to Henry Makow from Leo Lyon Zagami
07-07-2007, 01:46 AM,
to Henry Makow from Leo Lyon Zagami
Thank you Henry for what you are doing,
and thanks for the italian article:)on freemasonry.
I know the characters involved very well and the work
of the excellent Rita Pennarola , I already spoke of
some of them like Massimo Pizza and false Sceick Abdul
Massimo Palazzi in my site .They are two terrible
individuals connected with the illuminati spy and
assassin Scaramella

These idiots realy think they are invicible but Henry
J.Woodcock knows his job very well, though further
investigations in this intricate web of italian
illuminati seems always to be stopped when the high
levels are touched trust me dear Henry.Monsignor
Camaldo is a Vatican thief and a masonic criminal
that should be also stopped but my dear Henry these
kind of people seem immune to any attack and Camaldo
his a big guy in the Vatican hierarchy connected to
the head of the Roman Catholic illuminati in Rome the
Princess Alesssandra Borghese ... you can find more
about her in this interesting article

she comes from a long and ancient family line of

illuminati criminals the Borghese family with many Popes in their
fold.Check her moves and the people she meets on a regular basis and you will understand that nothing as ever changed in Rome since ancient times.

Rome is the city of eternal manipulation and mind
control over millions of idiots in the world trough
the Catholic Church their obscure medium of power used
to capture the mass of sheep ready to do anything for
a blessing. Freemasonry his used in these networks of
Vatican power thats why Monsignor Camaldo and Princess
Alessandra Borghese are members of important Vatican
blessed Knightood Orders connected to secret Masonic
Orders in the hands of the italian aristocracy.

The Italian aristocracy his also traditionaly
inclined to became part of the Italian intelligence
comunity just like the english aristocrats but the
italian intelligence comunity his full of real and also
hope to be aristocrats all working for the illuminati of course with no shame, all with close ties to the US intelligence and the Vatican just like Massimo
Pizza involved in the Somaliagate investigation in italy

We have to wake up the people out there to what is illuminati Confessions
07-07-2007, 01:48 AM,
to Henry Makow from Leo Lyon Zagami
More interesting revelations from Rita Pennarola on my
ex Brothers of the P2 and all the others corrupt
masons involved in the latest scandals...Masons linked
to the Vatican are apparentely under scrutiny these
days in Italy including my ex friend Mauro Lazzeri :

Latest news from Italy says Rita Pennarola and the
other journalist of La voce della Campania have been
secretely and illegaly monitored by the italian
military intelligence for nearly two years . The
reasons seem quite obvious to me...This strange
episode came out on the mainstream news in Italy this
week creating quite a reaction, and his obviously a
scandal for the illuminati intelligence operating
illegal investigations on journalist who are obviously
doing their job in aproper way making it difficult
with their news for these criminals.
The Vatican his deeply involved in these scandals
linked to these secret masonic Lodges in Italy and San
Marino without forgetting the infamous Andorra Lodge
another bunch of top illuminati criminals.
All this quile the Italian Grand Master and his loyal
idiots are celebrating a true hero of the illuminati
cause G.Garibaldi
another Master of the Propaganda lodge...yes what we
now know as P2!
And Cardinal Miguel Obando y Bravo another great
illuminati manipulator should be kept under close
inspection and scrutiny these days as he is very
active in the illuminati lobby and very close to our
dear Ratzinger.
And it doesnt matter if you are a communist these days
as Licio Gelli and the Vatican are now doing openly
business with their "former enemies".
In the city of Rome ruled by the left wing Vatican
Knight of Malta Walter Veltroni business is very easy
for Licio Gelli these days, yes he was actualy about
to open a five star restourant in the middle of a park
called Villa Ada this year , Villa Ada is one the most
beautifull parks in for this space in a
public park in the middle of Rome was only believe it
or not 2000 dollars a year for Brother Licio!!!
Special price for top mafiosi,are we going insane?
The Vatican his a bunch of dangerous criminals please
get this point and you will finaly understand the so
called illuminati.
Best Regards,
Leo Lyon Zagami
Khaled Saifullah Khan

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