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How Bronze Age man enjoyed his pint
08-14-2007, 06:21 PM,
How Bronze Age man enjoyed his pint
Quote:[...] The Moore Group's deductions suggest beer was widely drunk in Ireland long before the 6th century AD, when brewing is first documented. Early writings show that the brewer was a highly important member of the monastic communities in the early Christian era.

Studies of residues found at prehistoric sites in Asia have dated beer back to 5000 BC. But the Moore Group claims the proliferation of fulacht fiadhs in Ireland suggests ancient brewing on an unprecedented scale.

"It means that there were up to 4500 breweries in Ireland in the Bronze Age, which means it was the most widespread brewing industry in prehistory in the world,"
Mr Moore said.

At the weekend the Telegraph was able to sample the fruits of this process.

The verdict? The cloudy, yellowish brew with no discernible head was dangerously drinkable. The brewers were unsure of its strength but there was enough bite to suggest that a Bronze Age binge would be quite an event.
Amazing ... :o

... the men and women of the Land of √Čire have always had their priorities straight.

[Image: 250px-Irelande.A2003004_large.jpg]

Thanks, MaDiZmS, and be sure to cross-post this to the Survival of the Fittest forum ...;)

... superior brewing is a necessary skill in case civilization collapses !!:P

Wasn't there another recent news story about preserved cannabis seeds being discovered at the ancient Irish megalith sites ?B)
08-14-2007, 09:23 PM, (This post was last modified: 08-14-2007, 09:55 PM by solar.)
How Bronze Age man enjoyed his pint
Quote:... superior brewing is a necessary skill in case civilization collapses !! [...]
Thanks, MaDiZmS !

Superior brew is like superior dairy.

Just as one would avoid dairy that is pasteurized, homogenized, hormone imbued, etc. ...

... one should also avoid brew that is pasteurized and from non-organic pesticide imbued hops, etc.

"Real brew" that is not pasteurized, that is pesticide free, and that is derived from organic hops that have been fed real compost (and have not been grown with chemical fertilizers) is entirely different from the mass market brews that do little more than intoxicate.

What is exciting about your articles is that the ancient Irish were manufacturing (and apparently manufacturing on a large scale) "real brew".

"Real brew" with organic "best practices" becomes a superior food, with a robust quantity of nutrients and enzymes for mind and body ...

... the intoxicant effects are actually minimized because it is so nutrient rich.

With ancient brewing practices, no pesticides, no chemical fertilizers, organic hops, etc., the "brew" becomes healthier than any of the current sport drinks, liquid vitamins, protein drinks, etc.

Many years ago, in the States, there was a Congressional bill that would have required the makers of alcohol to put a multi-spectrum of vitamins and nutrients into all beers and liquors ...

... because modern practices strip the vitamins, etc., resulting in "addiction" by the drinking public.

And the alcohol manufacturers knew that if the vitamins and nutrients were re-instated ...

... that would be the end of mass "addiction" to alcohol.

The alcohol manufacturers "killed" that Congressional bill ...

... even though it would have been cheap to add such vitamins, nutrients, etc.

Wilson Bryan Key (author of several books on subliminals in advertising) asserted this anecdote in an interview that he gave in the eighties ...

... he used to work for Seagrams, so he knew intimately why the alcohol industry was adamantly against this.

Would one eat "white sugar", which has been stripped of all nutrients ...

... or would one eat beets which contain the sugar along with the concomitant healthy "co-factors", enzymes and nutrients ?

Would one consume pharmaceutical medical cocaine, which like white sugar, has been stripped of all nutrients ...

... or would one chew coca leaves and/or drink coca tea which contain at least a hundred "co-factors", enzymes and nutrients ?

For all of the above, one is addictive ...

... one is a food.

Once, Pope Paul II stayed two weeks in La Paz, Bolivia ...

... which is over two miles high.

While there, he suffered heart pains, devastating chronic fatigue, and severe shortness of breath.:(

The Bolivian doctors promptly prescribed the local "herbal tea".:)

Pope Paul II's symptoms immediately disappeared ...;)

... and he stated that he felt stronger than he had ever experienced in decades.:D

When he returned to Rome, he placed a very large order for this "tea", both for himself and for the Vatican bishops.:)

When the "tea" arrived, the Vatican doctors were "dismayed" that the "tea" was pure coca leaf extract. :o

The Associated Press never did determine if the "tea" was subsequently destroyed ...B)

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