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The War Collection: How Hitler Lost the War (1989)
09-02-2007, 08:46 PM,
The War Collection: How Hitler Lost the War (1989)
The War Collection: How Hitler Lost the War (1989)

[Image: 515JXNS4Y4L.jpg]

[Internet Movie DataBase]

Using rarely seen film footage, this documentary shows that Hitler's defeat in World War II was due less to Allied supremacy than to his own shortcomings as a military strategist.

Interviewing German officers, the film shows how the course of history could have been changed with a few key decisions.

Among them, Hitler's initial reluctance to bomb Britain; his refusal to proceed with the building of the Messerschmidt 262; his harsh treatment of the Ukrainians, who had welcomed Hitler as a savior from communism; and his biggest blunder, fighting a two-front campaign. This intriguing documentary recapitulates the major military events of the European theater of war.

Video Codec: XviD MPEG-4 codec
Video Bitrate: 1350 KB/s
Video Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Widescreen
Video Resolution: 640 x 480
Audio Codec: FAST Multimedia AG DVM (Dolby AC3)
Audio BitRate: 192 KB/s
Audio Channels: 2 Ch
RunTime: 01:07:14
Framerate: 29.97 FPS
Number Of Parts: 1
Part Size: 741.70 MB
Language: English
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09-07-2007, 06:26 PM,
The War Collection: How Hitler Lost the War (1989)
I was thinking Hitler won WWII (along with you know who, the I & the Z)
after reading "Pentagon Aliens" this is big news.

When did this happen.

What a relief, but thinking the other way explains so much and answers all my questions.

Getting dumbed out again, no way.

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