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Iraq, Third Time Around - PBS NOW Special - 14 Sept 2007
09-19-2007, 07:56 PM,
Iraq, Third Time Around - PBS NOW Special - 14 Sept 2007
Iraq, Third Time Around - PBS: NOW Special: 2007 09 14

[Image: thirdtime.jpg]

[Official Site]

"On the heels of a much-anticipated progress report in Washington, NOW travels to Iraq for an exclusive, hard look at the war through the telling eyes of U.S. soldiers on the ground, and of the families they left behind. We also examine first-hand the so-called "Anbar Awakening," a controversial partnership between U.S. soldiers and Sunni tribal leaders, many of whom who had previously been fighting the Americans. Some, including President Bush, are calling this a significant step forward in reestablishing peace and order in Iraq. Hear what soldiers on the ground have to say.

We first met the Third Infantry's First Brigade from Georgia's Fort Stewart in a NOW show broadcast last January, only weeks before they headed back to Iraq for the third deployment in four years. As the long months of the "surge" unfold, we see them fighting an elusive enemy that prefers roadside bombs to pitched battles, while back at home their newborns become toddlers, and birthdays and anniversaries come and go. With the personal and political effects of constant redeployment and re-strategizing apparent everywhere, are we at a turning point or a breaking point?"

more info:

runtime = 55:08
file size = 600MB

Support your local PBS Station by making a contribution or by purchasing their DVDs.
SoS =

see the official site url above for web streams, audio podcasts etc




Another one I got from the newsgroups. I'm sharing BT first and will powershare on ed2k for a few days only, just to get it started. Like always, I have more files to release after this one so all help to share the file on ed2k or to post the link at other sites is appreciated. thx

here is a thread that may be useful to someone if sources ever die out in the future.
HOWTO finish incomplete downloads with bt and ed2k ~ mirror

thanks SoS for this one =

more docs visit


related files;

and if you speak German



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