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I'm sick to death of the amateur indy "journalists".
09-03-2009, 01:28 AM,
I'm sick to death of the amateur indy "journalists".
Most of them can't write worth a shit and only regurgitate what was written 10 years ago. (as if i need to relearn Agenda 21):rolleyes:

A lot of what cheeses me off is just poor punctuation; too many commas is a classic example. <--- (Hey you stupid bloggers I have just GIVEN YOU a perfect example of HOW TO USE a semicolon. Please LEARN TO WRITE!) Maybe I need to demonstrate when and where to use commas too?

The worst place for this is They'll post any bullshit no matter how badly it is written. Shitty prose annoys me to no end. If James Neff the webmaster for were a newspaper editor, he'd be fired in his first week.

I guess I'm just ranting here. I'm getting very sick and tired of clicking some interesting sounding link on inter alia, only to find
the page I'm directed to could have been written much better by a third grader with the rules of English still fresh in his/her head.

For a hypothetical example I'll repeat the preceding paragraph as I'd be likely to find it on

guess I'm just ranting here, I'm getting very sick and tired of clicking some interesting link, on, (inter alia) only to find
the page I'm directed to, could have been written better by a third grader, with the rules of English still fresh in his/her head.

I hope the readers of this rant are smart enough to see the difference and errors herein.

(yes bloggers a NEW PARAGRAPH for a NEW subject)
Another thing that pisses me off is the idiotic BLOCK WRITING that encompasses what should be more than one paragraph into a five or six subject paragraph.

Yet another pet peeve is compound words. You DO NOT hyphenate a suffix or prefix. For example the word is reinvest, it is NOT re-invest.
COMPOUND WORDS can have hyphens, prefixes and suffixes do not warrant hyphens!

I suppose I'm just sick and tired of reading things by people that cannot write to begin with, and whose proficiency in English (yes blogger, English gets a capital E) makes the entire movement of truth-seekers (<--- perfect use of a hyphen) look like illiterate buffoons.

Indy journalists, if you cannot write decently, please save your comments for the less informal forums and blogs where it doesn't matter.

That's my rant for today.
09-03-2009, 06:27 AM, (This post was last modified: 09-03-2009, 06:28 AM by Melchor.)
I'm sick to death of the amateur indy &quot;journalists&quot;.
While I agree that the stream of consciousness (clearly not edited posts) are bad, you also have a different problem on the other side of the spectrum. I find the pompous gas bags that seem more interested in showing everyone how extensive their vocabulary is than posting a story that you could e-mail to a friend equally frustrating. Nothing takes the wind out of a swine-flu hoax expose like unreadable mental masturbation. Too many people out there try to write like W. Tarpley talks. It's hard to focus on what the author is trying to say when you're thinking of:msnslap:and/or:devil14:the fucker. Anyway I appreciate the rant and thought I'd contribute my own brief rant on the subject.

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