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‘Towers Of Doom’ threaten Toronto Communities
02-02-2008, 12:02 AM,
‘Towers Of Doom’ threaten Toronto Communities
Cell Phone ‘Towers Of Doom’ that reportedly cause cancer in Britain now also threaten Toronto Communities

by Victor Flet, Toronto Street News Editor

Toronto's Gardiner Expressway has recently seen a series of looming Cell -phone related Towers that have been erected without warning local downtown workers and nearby residents.

91owers!! There is also another tower at Finch and Victoria Park about 7 metres from apartments building windows that is virtually identical to the Orange Phone Company Tower on building that report accompanying cancer ailments by residents.

Backgrounder to the soaring cell phone tower related cancers in Britain

England’s Orange phone company is being required to remove mobile mast from 'tower of doom', where the cancer rate has soared. A British mobile phone company is to remove a mast from a block of flats after seven residents were struck down by cancer.

Three have died and another four have battled the disease since two masts were erected on the roof of the five-storey block which has become known locally in Britain as the Tower of Doom.

The cancer rate on the top floor -- where residents of five of the eight flats have been affected and the three who died all lived - is 20%, ten times the national average.

Residents of Berkeley House in Staple Hill, Bristol, also complain of terrible headaches and other ailments which they blame on radiation from the masts.

Orange has agreed to remove its mast after a five-year campaign by residents and pressure from the local authority. But it has caused anger with plans to move it to a residential street nearby.

The other mast belongs to Vodafone, which has no plans to move it.

The most recent death was that of John Llewellin, 63, who lost his battle against bowel cancer two weeks ago.

Two years ago, Barbara Wood died in her 70s from breast cancer. Two years earlier Joyce Davies died, also from breast cancer.

Danger zone

Residents at this Bristol flat have suffered illness and death The other victims on the top floor are Hazel Frape, 63, who has had breast cancer, and 89-year-old Phyllis Smith who moved out after she contracted the same disease.

On the fourth floor Bernice Mitchell, 69, has battled womb cancer. On the second floor, 78-year-old Barbara Watts, who has lived in the block for 31 years, is in remission from breast cancer.

Many of the 110 residents, including Doreen Sheppard, 74, have complained of headaches and other health problems.

She said: "The masts are bound to be doing something. I get terrible headaches and I've started suffering from Meniere's disease, where I lose my balance. I'm worried about the children on the estate as there are so many of them now."

Both masts were erected in 1994. South Gloucestershire Council served a notice asking for them to be removed when the ten-year contract expired three years ago.

But because current guidelines say there is no risk from radiation the council does not have a legal right to force their removal.

After a long legal battle Orange has submitted a planning application to put the mast on top of a shopping precinct in a street near homes, a primary school and a public library.

Jeanette McCormack, 69, who has led a campaign against the mast, said a petition against the new location had gathered more than 200 names.

She added: "People of all ages who live and work near the mast will be exposed to the radiation and so there's a lot of anger about it."

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02-02-2008, 08:51 AM,
‘Towers Of Doom’ threaten Toronto Communities
It's a real shame when people have to suffer in this way for a technology that many people feel that they 'can't live without'.

It's strange but a few years ago, I'm convinced that a science based TV show that I saw showcased a revolutionary cure for cancer. It involved either stem cells or a pill that a gentlemen with a huge stomach tumor tried out.

Within a day it had shrunk drastically.

I went to bed that night thinking 'cool, maybe I'll start smoking again' but it never seemed to impact on the media in the way I had anticipated.

Makes me wonder if They have the cure.
debate is the vehicle of truth
02-02-2008, 05:12 PM,
‘Towers Of Doom’ threaten Toronto Communities
Maybe they're not cell towers at all? Cull towers?

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