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Kincaid - Global Bondage - The U.N. Plan to Rule the World (1995) - redgonzo - 03-19-2008

This is Cliff Kincaid's shocking book Global Bondage - The U.N. Plan to Rule the World (1995) which is a fully documented introductory study of the globalist ambitions of the United Nations and its megalomaniac plans to control the whole world and nothing less than the whole world. The United Nations is now openly laying plans for a World Government to go along with its already functioning World Army. These plans include global taxation and an International Criminal Court that could prosecute all citizens no matter where they reside. Although the U.N. did not exist until 1945, its roots go back to the end of World War I. Now, with the 50th anniversary of the U.N. and the continued utilization of its peacekeeping forces, the U.N. is once again being examined and exposed as what Kincaid calls a horribly mismanaged bureaucracy with tremendous waste, fraud, and abuse. In six chapters, the author lays out the case against the U.N.'s support of terrorists and communists, government-mandated universal health coverage, forced abortion and sterilization under the guise of population control, gross mismanagement of funds, and massive corruption. Those who on principle oppose the twin evils of foreign aid and foreign interventionism should be especially alarmed at the continued U.S. funding of the organization. The U.S. taxpayer support of the U.N. and its member states is foreign aid at its worst, for many of the nations they lavish subsidies on regularly vote against us in the U.N. According to Kincaid, member nations vote in favor of U.S. positions only 17 percent of the time. The United States also contributes billions of dollars every year to fund the various U.N. operations. Global intervention in the affairs of other countries by the United States is bad enough, but supplying troops for U.N. peacekeeping and subordinating American troops to foreign command is even worse. Kincaid cites figures from the General Accounting Office showing that U.N. peacekeeping cost the United States more than $10 billion from fiscal year 1992 to fiscal year 1995. In order to have a world government, the U.N. must have a continuous source of revenue like any government. Thus, early in 1996, U.N. Secretary General Boutros Boutros-Ghali called for a light international tax to finance the U.N. The globalist goals of the U.N. should be a cause for alarm to any defender of liberty and limited government. Quoting the late Murray Rothbard, Kincaid makes the case that U.N. activities amount to international government despotism to be exercised by faceless and arrogant bureaucrats accountable to no one. But as he further points out, international government despotism by the U.N. is more insidious and dangerous than the U.S. variety because it is further beyond the ability of most Americans to do anything about. Global Bondage blows the lid off the United Nations, documenting its strategy for gaining complete control of the world. If you have been wondering just how will this world government work and what are its true goals then be sure to read this amazing book. 200 pages. A must read for everyone.


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