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Audio Compression and Background Filtering - FastTadpole - 09-14-2009

I have a couple of larger mp3 files (from a roundtable interview) that I'd like to distribute, but the size is a bit larger than it has to be and they have some background noise that I want to remove.

Does anyone know of some decent software and/or techniques that I could employ to convert these to high(er) quality compressed mp3 files. I have Audacity, which looks good and I've done some clipping with it, but I'm a nooblet in sound editing / filtering / compression.

Any and all advice appreciated!

Audio Compression & Backgroud Filtering - Easy Skanking - 09-17-2009

dbPowerAmp converters and filters are great. If you really want to go nuts, then get something like Sound Forge for all the bells and whistles. Both are available in paid or torrent distributions.;)

Audio Compression & Backgroud Filtering - Hans Olo - 09-18-2009

Try Audacity, it's open source and works really well.

Audio Compression & Backgroud Filtering - FastTadpole - 09-18-2009

I messed with audacity for about 2 minutes and it worked wonders with the noise reduction filter. Great program.

Audio Compression & Backgroud Filtering - Easy Skanking - 09-18-2009

Sound Forge:

Audio Compression & Backgroud Filtering - psilocybin - 09-18-2009

dbpoweramp is probably the best thing for conversions... especially with mp3s... they use the lame codec.

For wave editing, I suggest Adobe Audition, which used to be cool edit pro... also, you can download some vst plugins for it, like the waves packs, that have pro level dsp noise reduction, eq's, and so on...

RE: Audio Compression and Background Filtering - rsol - 12-20-2010

the best noise reduction software takes a sample of the noise. if you have any spaces in your sound with just the noise, use this as a template and you will virtually iradicate all noise. dont go crazy or it will start to sound very oddSmile