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Experiments with smoking - triplesix - 03-25-2008

Okay, so here's how it is; I smoke about two Pom Pom blunts* and about six joints a day. Recently I've been experimenting with additives to bulk up the blunt without having to use up too much chron, because while I smoke all these things it's not about volume, it's about having something to smoke constantly. Especially since I stopped smoking cigarettes.

So anyway, I've started experimenting with a few additives, all organic and pure, namely:
Green tea
Black tea
Dandelion/Wild flowers

The dandelion/wild flower blend was actually this really granola store's non-perfume, no-chemical potpourri alternative ingredient or some other. It was a variety of dried greenhouse grown organic wild flowers meant to be put into a jar and made into potpourri. Yeah, anyway, they sucked. The flower petals had an acrid and very hot smoke with a remarkably non-floral taste. No good.

Mint was very good, but strong and very "vegetative." It was too leafy, like hemp leaves. It had a sour smoke that made me salivate in a bad way. I recommend using very little, or using a mint green tea, which has a good balance. Great minty flavour though when just right.

The black tea was stronger than the green tea, but somewhat better tasting. Darker. After smoking it I had a taste in my mouth like having just drank iced tea.

The green tea was just as good, particularly, as I said, as a mint tea. Together with mint it gave the blunt a menthol-esque smoothness, which I rather enjoyed. Clouds of smoke and lots of O's after a toke of that.

So in conclusion, I recommend trying it. It's fun to smoke something different, I think anyway. And why the fuck not? What else do you have to do?


*- Pom Pom is the Canadian branding for Swisher Sweets, because after all, I am down with Swisher House, TRIPLESIX, throw it up, get crunk, but no disrespect to Bone Thugs. Peace.

Experiments with smoking - markko - 03-25-2008

Oh, smoking black tea sounds fun. Do you think you get a dose of caffeine this way?

Experiments with smoking - proteinspill - 03-25-2008


Experiments with smoking - triplesix - 03-25-2008

I really doubt smoking tea is bad for you. After all, drinking a preperation of it should contain most of the water-soluable 'toxins' contained in the plant anyway.

As far as the smoke, shit, as long as I'm smoking something besides radioactive tobacco than I am doing my body a service.

If I were still smoking I'd have about a pack and a half a day habit, two or perhaps even three packs if I was drinking. I'm still addicted as fuck to tobacco which is why I smoke blunts all the time; that and they're just a good smoke of course.

Anyway, tea was laying around the place, and organic, and pure, and harmless... so I didn't think it was a big deal. Plus, I came to realize, it really does taste good and takes the bite off of the tobacco I do smoke. I recommend it, and maybe it is placebo effect, but it did seem to have some synergistic effect.

And I don't know if my lungs like all the toxins I give them but my brain sure does!:cheeky:
Quote:One herbal I've always wanted to try in a smoking blend (with tobacco of course) is the "dream herb" Calea Zacatechichi so maybe try that in your next experiments
That sounds good, along that vein I'd be interested in something containing thujone as well, or perhaps catnip, but for now I was trying to find something cheap and inert to just use as a bulking agent since I find a fat joint is more pleasurable to smoke than a thin one.


Experiments with smoking - Nyte - 03-25-2008

I sometimes add tabacco and catnip..its alright tastes minty

ive added Passion flower it makes the smoke somewhat harsh

but i mainly use a vaporizer now so i cant add stuff

Experiments with smoking - mastermg - 03-26-2008

Ive tried mint leaves, it was pretty good, Id recommend you guys trying it. Ive also tried smoking it from a bamboo stick, but that gave me mad diarrhea and gases that night, aswell as the others that smoked it with me. Weird crap.