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Stop Bush's Biotech Bailout! - hilly7 - 05-23-2008;key=22595005

According to the Chicago Tribune, the White House is attempting to force famine stricken countries, mostly in sub-Saharan Africa, to adopt Genetically Engineered crops tied to a $770 million aid package.

The Bush Administration's $150 million earmark for GE crops is a thinly veiled attempt at subsidizing biotech corporations and advancing the genetic contamination of organic and non-ge crops in famine stricken countries. GE crops are untested and are largely unwanted by the majority of the planet's population. Dozens of countries around the world currently ban the cultivation of any genetically engineered varieties as they have yet to be proven safe for the environment or for human consumption. Additionally, GE crops have not been demonstrated to significantly increase yield, but rather force farmers into a deadly spiral of toxic agrichemicals and patent monopolies.

The root cause of hunger abroad has more to do with so-called free trade agreements and market speculation, than crop yields and patented hybrid crops. Impoverished countries need to be allowed to regain their food sovereignty to avoid deepening the current crisis.

Please take action today and urge your Congresspersons to reject the Bush Administration's $150 million earmark for Big Biotech.