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Fruitcake muslim convert nail bomber was under - drummer - 05-24-2008

This story gets more suspect every day.
here is a brief breakdown of the ludicrous story being peddled by the media in the uk.

A white 22 year old male with the mind of a 10 year old child,on heavy medication
gets brain washed into converting to the islamic faith by a group
of shady looking men outside a fish and chip shop,he then gains the expertise
to make a nail bomb from drain cleaner, kerosene, strips of aluminium foil and nails,
but as he is retarded he fails to correctly assemble the bomb and it explodes it in a toilet cubical,with himself inside.

they describe him as a loner and obsessed with the 911 attacks.

the real kicker here is he had been to secret meetings with a unknown group,and
was also under surveillance by the security services.

if you read through the articles or if you can control your vomiting and watch the news
your get outrageous stuff like:

"The bombs were powerful enough to blow out the front of the restaurant - causing untold death and injury"

"Police sources said that the bomb set off in the Giraffe restaurant would have released a giant fireball had it ignited. The device was made from sodium hydroxide and paraffin and packed with nails and was designed to detonate when it was shaken, sources said."

"The bomb could have blown out the front of the restaurant, sources told the Guardian, but diners were saved from death or injury because Reilly bungled assembling the nail bomb which he is believed to have built himself."

Fruitcake muslim convert nail bomber was under - itmakesmewonder - 05-25-2008

Thanks for breaking down the story Drummer.
Its another way to get the south west of england to get caught up in hysteria and fear. If the city was shut down for a night it may be enough to get the people to join in this bs.

And whats the relevance of Giraffe? An earlier last fake set up alert was outside the Tiger Tiger nightclub. Is it some kind of MOSSAD MI5 joke or an old fashioned psychology being pushed on us with the messages of these terrorists are dangerous and savage?

Fruitcake muslim convert nail bomber was under - hammer - 05-25-2008

drummer, i can not control my vomiting while watching or reading the BBC lies,so i will read postings on here.