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Perida - The Unholy Alliance (British Israel World Federation) (1978) - redgonzo - 07-17-2008

This is Frank Perida's astonishing booklet The Unholy Alliance (1978) which postulates a gigantic conspiracy between the British Royal Family and Jews known as the British Israel World Federation which is set out to rule the world. Does a secret alliance between the British Empire and international Jewish interests really exists? According to this fascinating book the Plymouth Brethren brought a form of Judaism (British Israelism) to America disguised as Christianity. The idea of the Kingdom of God on Earth ruling from David's throne in Jerusalem for the millennium was initiated into Christianity by none other than the British Israel World Federation. Manasseh Ben Israel proposed the idea that the 12 tribes of Israel were made up of the Anglo Saxons and the Jews as the tribe of Judah. He actually suggested that Jews and the Anglo Saxons of England should join together against Catholic Europe and work for the day when the Throne of England would rule the world with the help of the Jews. This was the beginning of the Unholy Alliance between the Jews and the rulers of England to destroy Catholic power and control the world. America was not a factor at this time. The English government cooperated with the Jews in their attempt to conquer Catholic Europe because they saw it as a way to control Europe, while the Jews saw it as a way to attack and try to destroy Christianity by eliminating the Christian royalty of Europe. Find out how this alliance planned and executed all major wars and revolutions while always hiding behind the scenes and blaming everything on others. 25 pages. A must read for everyone.


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