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Noam Chomsky ~ Imperial Grand Strategy - waxzy - 09-20-2008

In "Imperial Grand Strategy," a lecture given at the University of Manchester, Chomsky takes on the war in Iraq. He cuts through the ideological fog that surrounds the invasion and occupation, laying waste to the US government's justifications for them. In the process, he uncovers the real motivations behind US military aggression: a global imperial plan put in place long before Iraq-and that will extend far into the future, unless we do something about it.
"The Assault on Freedom and Democracy," delivered at Merrimack College, moves from broad, geopolitical concerns to the sort of authoritarian societies needed "on the ground" for such imperial strategies to work. Discussing the Patriot Acts (1 and 2) at home and a long and disgraceful US history of "democracy-building" abroad, Chomsky highlights the vast difference between noble rhetoric and our consistent military and economic support for dictators and thugs.
The DVD ends with "Questions About Anarchism," an interview with Barry Pateman of the Emma Goldman Archives. In a more relaxed and personal exchange, Chomsky discusses the anarchist principles that have guided him since he was a teenager and that lie behind the social and political analysis he's been producing for the last four decades.

Noam Chomsky ~ Imperial Grand Strategy - icosaface - 09-22-2008

Rethinking Noam Chomsky

"A study of Chomsky's stands on particularly dreadful actions such as JFK's assassination, 9/11, and with regard to the roles of the CIA and FBI, shows Chomsky to be a de facto defender of the status quo's most egregious outrages and their covert agency engines. He conducts his de facto defence of the Empire he appears to oppose through applying the very propaganda methods against which he has warned, including use of the derogatory phrase "conspiracy theorist," which in one context he has characterized as "something people say when they don't want you to think about what's really going on."

His recommendation that people practice "intellectual self-defence" is well taken. But how many could dream the person warning you is one of the most perilous against whom you'll need to defend yourself? That he is the fire marshal who wires your house to burn down, the lifeguard who drowns you, the doctor with the disarming bedside manner who administers a fatal injection? If Noam Chomsky did not exist, the diaboligarchy would have to invent him. To the New World Order he is worth 50 armoured division. ".....Barrie Zwicker, Towers of Deception

By Ken Adachi <Editor>
December 2006

I was unfamiliar with the literary skills and oratorical persuasiveness of Noam Chomsky until a few years ago when I first heard him over KPFK (Pacifica) radio. I quickly found myself recording his talks off the radio and listening to them carefully. I was greatly impressed. Whether he's talking about the corruptive influence of the corporate mentality in American society or the sins of the Bush regime, you can't help but be impressed by the cogency of his arguments and the acuteness of his mind. Chomsky is one sharp cookie, to be sure, but is the Massachusetts Instistute of Technology professor really the liberal, leftist, anti-government 'critic' that we are led to believe he is, or does he function more as a gatekeeper, feigning the role of muckraker and champion of injustice, while all the time carrying water for the very power structures that he claims to rail against? Is he really exposing government collusion in criminal and treasonous behavior, or is he containing the limits of that exposure within certain 'acceptable' corridors of public discourse?

These articles by Michael Morrissey, Barrie Zwicker, Bob Feldman, Daniel Abrahamson, Joe Lockard, and Benjamin Merhav among others, may get you thinking twice about Noam Chomsky and similar nationally touted "critics" of the government. Chomsky, in particular, is thought of as the creme-de-la-creme of anti-government muckrakers while he simultaneously embraces every facet of the government's cover story when it comes to who was responsible for killing JFK, or the origin of AIDS, or the Vietnam War turn-around following the JFK assassination, or 9-11. Despite appearances to the contrary, Chomsky sides with the government's version of events with virtually every major 'conspiracy' scandal to emerge in the past 45 years.

Noam's nearly pristine reputation got a huge bump recently when Hugo Chavez, the President of Venezuela, mentioned Noam Chomsky's latest book, Hegemony and Survival, in a speech given at the UN on September 20, 2006 where Chavez characterized George Bush as "El Diablo." Chomsky's position on the New York Times best seller list rose from somewhere around 700 to number 1 practically overnight and he sold something like 60, 000 copies within a day. I'm sure Noam welcomed the bump to his bank account along with the publicity, but how many more thousands now, around the world, will be led along those very same "corridors" of carefully crafted thought that I once strolled?

Have a look for yourself.

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