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Cook - Capitalism - Bane to Freedom and Security (1994) - redgonzo - 09-25-2008

This is Peter Cook's eyeopening booklet Capitalism Bane to Freedom and Security (1994) which properly defines capitalism as an economy controlled by a Central Bank, itself either overtly or covertly controlled by private interests. Critics of capitalism are nothing new. What is new that have, after over half a century of research and observation, learned first hand, what capitalism really is. It is is not what people had been educated to believe - a gift of gods to the world. It may be a gift of gods to the capitalists and their minions that lavishly live off the sweat and toil of the productive society. Capitalism is relatively a late comer into the socioeconomic arenas of Europe, the Americas and most of the world. It has been reported that the term "capitalism" was unknown to Adam Smith, the author of The Wealth of Nations (1776), which book has ironically become known as the bible of capitalism. Adam Smith in his time, apparently was not aware of the cruel powers and forces residing in this "capitalism". Capitalism is in no way a democratic system. No sovereign government or society has ever been asked to vote or choose capitalism as their economy governing system. Capitalism is a "parasite", a parasitic scheme, which reconditely worms its way into an organic economic system, and circumvents the natural development of business, industry and markets of a society - for its own vulturous expropriations of the productive society's real assets. In the last 3/4 of a century, capitalism has reconditely enlisted national, state and local governments' services, including judges, lawyers and academics to unsuspectingly function as "legal fees bounty" hunters; shepherding, via the bankruptcy laws - the harvesting of the productive society's assets driven into default, via capitalism's (bankers') traditional easy money bait of promise to pay and compound-interest-on-debt technique. It is important to understand, that in every bankruptcy there is also a gainer, a creditor, a collector who becomes the possessor of the forfeited assets or property. Very legal-like harvesting of the bankruptcy-generated assets is the recondite bottom line of capitalism, the source of capitalism's (banking industry's) fabulous accumulation of wealth. Find out how capitalism controlled by a central bank legalizes plunder of you assets in order to make certain people extremely rich while the rest starve to death. 25 pages. A must read for everyone.


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