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Inspiring Nat Geo article on Ayahuasca - mastermg - 12-05-2008

Very interesting article on shamans and stuff

Inspiring Nat Geo article on Ayahuasca - nietzscheansuperman - 12-05-2008

That article was condemned by people on ayahuasca tribe and other places cause apparently the girl who wrote it was an idiot and the people she promotes as tour guides are money hungry scamers.

All though she glamourises it, one must remember that ayahuasca has been known to cause serious psychosis and IMO its nothing to fuck around with, same as the other plants you have been asking about.

You seem to have been very interested in entheogens lately.. Are they permitted by islam?? Is it just alcohol that's forbidden or are all these other drugs forbidden too??

Inspiring Nat Geo article on Ayahuasca - mastermg - 12-05-2008

Makes sense, probably some money hungry gurus. It just surprised me that the old man is 75 years old or whatever and handles the drug.

I always shift my focus from one conspiracy to the next. My friends are telling me to try mdma and go to raves, I refused. I also watched the Union documentary on marijuana and was interested in the role the government takes in the drug.
In Islam, the Quran mentions that intoxicants are forbidden, but I read somewhere that it is specifically only talking about alcohol. Im pretty sure though that drugs are included. I dont know im just curious for knowledge in every subject.
Ive never gotten high though.

Ed: fuck it, I think im done with drug research, its pointless for. Plus I smoke hookah and im very happy with that, thats enough.