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US spends over $52 billion for nukes yearly - mexika - 01-13-2009

US spends over $52 billion for nukes yearly
Tue, 13 Jan 2009 00:04:08 GMT

Washington spends over $52 billion per year to maintain, upgrade, and operate its nuclear weapons arsenal, a new study has revealed.

The Carnegie Institute for Peace revealed the figure in a study posted to the Federation for American Scientists' Secrecy News blog on Monday.

The amount of money spent on America's nuclear programs dwarfs the amount spent on diplomacy and foreign assistance, effectively leaving US diplomatic efforts abroad in the long shadow of America's ballistic missiles, the study said.

The US devoted just 1.3% of the expenditure - or $700 million - to prepare for the consequences of a nuclear attack, according to the study.

"Nuclear security consumes $13 billion more than international diplomacy and foreign assistance; nearly double what the United States allots for general science, space, and technology; and 14 times what the Department of Energy (DOE) budgets for all energy-related research and development," the report said.

Most US spending on nuclear weapons programs are unclassified, Secrecy News editor Steven Afternood noted.

However, the amount spent is masked by the number of budgets that contain provisions for such programs, making a composite total difficult to ascertain.

Speaking of the $52 billion figure, Carnegie author Stephen Schwartz was quoted as saying, "That's a floor, not a ceiling," adding that it does not take into account, classified nuclear weapons programs or nuclear related intelligence programs.

Most of the money doled out to America's nuclear weapons is spent on upgrading and maintaining the country's aging arsenal. According to estimates, the US has a stockpile of about 9,600 nuclear missiles, including those kept in non active service.

"The disparity (in spending) suggests that preserving and enhancing nuclear forces is far more important than preventing nuclear proliferation," Schwartz said.


US spends over $52 billion for nukes yearly - --- - 01-13-2009

You'd almost think they wanted to see what their toys are capable of.

A note to says thanks Mex, you've been getting a lot of good posts up on the board lately.