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Introduction - Frater - 07-26-2014

Hey Guys, First post just want to say hello. Torrents kind of scare me and I'm old school sticking with IRC and the newsgroups mostly. But I see much here I wouldn't have to worry about and lots of PDF's. Nice to be here and if I can help anyone get something exotic or hard to get just ask. Best Wishes

RE: Introduction - Easy Skanking - 07-26-2014

Firstly, welcome to ConCen!

Second, no need to worry about torrents that are put up here. We put much effort into making sure they are valid. If you are worried about being put on a list, then you are probably already on it by being curious enough to find us. Wink However; there are plenty of other avenues here to get good info and find answers and share them.

RE: Introduction - April - 07-27-2014

How's it goin Frater ! Welcome to ConCen... Wave