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Racist Rant of the Ignorant - mexika - 07-08-2014

These are not Illegal Aliens being dropped somewhere in Arizona. These are Native Migrants. Native Indigenous people who have been dealt a wrong card through globalization and colonization. This guy is propagandist for the state.

The reason many children are coming from the south is because globalization through so many trade policies to the south have been cheated by the Euro and Zionist Elite, I would put it more to the Zionist Nazi Jews who are accepted within the white status quot because they do share a similar skin color and are using the same tactics that have been used before by the Nazis and the Racists in America and in Palestine.

The children, Native Indigenous children and not Illegal Aliens, which is bizarre to describe people who have been on their continent for thousands of years to describe them as illegal aliens. Is there some sense to that? Yes, colonizers use those terms. Terms of the sort are used to dehumanize, to render like an animal and to treat worst than an animal and it done on purpose by the racist colonizers in America to the point of forgetting that its just human rights and the elite of which Obama is complicit to have wrecked the Central American Economies in search for the Elite Gold and to environmentally destroy their habitat if need be, like it has been done to Iraq and the Middle East as well as Africa.....

To the Naive American aka Indigenous, all is a circle, that which affects some, will affect and come around to those who initiated the greed, poison, and disease....

The disease is not outside, it is inside....