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DVR Alert: My Brother is a Serial Killer 8 pm Fri June 6 2014 - shortwave - 06-05-2014

DVR Alert: "My Brother is a Serial Killer" 8:00 pm (Eastern) Fri June 6 2014 on Discovery ID Channel 285 on Direct TV or check your local satellite or cable provider. (This will be repeated at 11:00 PM Eastern)

"My Brother is a Serial Killer" is one of the top notch Documentaries of it's type out there. This is an excellent documentary tells the story of Glen Rogers who committed many murders across the U.S. He very well could be the worse mass murderer in the U.S. What makes this noteworthy is that this is narrated by Glen's brother Clay Rogers and not by some TV announcer.

What makes this especially compelling are the strong allegations that Glen Rogers was actually responsible for the Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman murders. OJ was said to have been allegedly behind it all because OJ wanted someone to steal Nicole's jewelery for the money and to get it... at all costs.

This isn't a re-creation or a docudrama. There is actual footage, of the reporter who followed the story, actual interviews of the police, TV news clips, actual live footage of Glen being captured as well as actual footage of Glen in court. And this is something you really don't see in these types of TV shows.

If you haven't seen this before, and been wondering about the OJ Simpson saga all these years. This documentary seems to provide answers to long standing questions.

Description from youtube below...

"My Brother is a 2013 documentary about serial killer Glen Rogers, otherwise known as the "Casanova Killer", who was convicted for a series of murders and arsons. The documentary was narrated by Rogers' brother Clay Rogers and aired on Investigation Discovery. My Brother the Serial Killer received widespread media attention for Clay's claims that his brother was responsible for the 1994 murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Lyle Goldman."

Lastly if you don't live in the U.S. and cannot get Discovery ID. You can view it here on youtube.

Someone needs to put this up on the torrents here on Concen as it is a real documentary and it really does involve a conspiracy. If you haven't seen this before and been wondering about the whole OJ Simpson ordeal. Then you must check this one out!