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Molyneux Gets Benghazi Wrong - CharliePrime - 05-05-2014

Yesterday Stef posted this good video detailing the entire situation surrounding the death of a U.S. Ambassador in Libya in 2012. The video is a good summary of the MSM lies and U.S. Government criminality regarding both the Libyan war and the Benghazi incident, but I believe Stef got it wrong.

Stef asserts that Ambassador Stevens was killed by Al Qaeda as an accident, that the U.S. State Department got burned playing with fire. In other words, an "oopsie".

I have been told by people who were in Libya at the time that Stevens was assassinated by the U.S. State Department because he expressed reservations about the U.S. program to arm Al Qaeda mercineries in Syria with shoulder-fired surface-to-air missles, (I think Russian SA-16's) (link to manufacturer's website via Google Translate)

Stevens feared the weapons would be used to take down civilian airliners. The State Department feared he was about to blow the whistle on this weapons program, so he had to go.

RE: Molyneux Gets Benghazi Wrong - temp9 - 05-08-2014

We'll likely never know all the deep facts and motives behind this "incident", but, as I understand things, I believe that your take on this is much closer to the truth.

RE: Molyneux Gets Benghazi Wrong - CharliePrime - 05-13-2014

Thanks. With the growth of internet communication, I believe it will be ever more difficult for governments to pull off similar dirty deeds in the future.