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Randy's Donuts The Movie Trailer - vagabonder - 04-15-2014

Randy’s Donuts is based off of Marco Rodin’s nine-digit equation, which is the basis of vortex-based mathematics. According to the studies, Marco’s unique mathematical perspective provides detailed insight into the nature of the universe.
During his research, Marco Rodin stated that “I devised and designed not only my own tools, but tools that are based on perfection, the axioms, the universal truths of the universe. Essentially, I claim to have discovered perfection.”
Randy Powell, an active mathematician playing a major role in the production of Randy’s Donuts, claims to have modeled and rendered the equation into the three-dimensional world, revealing the shape of a torus or donut, officially known as the ABHA Torus. If harnessed, according to Powell, the energy produced by the ABHA Torus would allow society to produce inexhaustible free energy, greatly reducing the stressors currently put in place on the earth by fossil fuels and resource-based energy.
“The problem is not a lack of collective desire for positive future, but the lack of a collective vehicle for positive actions,” says Powell.
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