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The Concept of a Pan-World - or why a Fair World Order makes perfect sense - Solve et Coagula - 01-22-2009

The Concept of a Pan-World - or why a Fair World Order makes perfect sense

One of the things I find reassuring today is the fact that one meets more and more people who have achieved a certain degree of wisdom. Yes, even scientists and materialists are beginning to be a little more prudent, a little more reasonable. They no longer presume to lay down the law with such self-assurance or to greet every hypothesis that does not conform exactly to their own view with derision and scepticism. Only a few years ago the world most often on their lips when they were faced with something new was 'Impossible!' But now they are beginning to acknowledge that nature may still have some surprises up her sleeve - even for them - and as they are more cautious. They say, 'Well, it is possible... We do not know... We must wait and see.' At last they are acquiring a little wisdom; at last there is some hope. Yes, and I can go even further and say that only a few years hence they will all adopt our ideas and speak our language.

Well, perhaps not all, but many of them will share our ideas, and once they have chewed and digested them thoroughly, they in turn will propagate them. A few years from now we shall see some tremendous changes.

The other day I even heard the idea of universal brotherhood - an idea that hardly ever occured to anyone before - being discussed on television. I do not know who was talking because I was late for the beginning of the programme, but someone was saying that with things as they were in the world today, with the proliferation of nuclear weapons, the onlysolution was universal brotherhood; the only hope for mankind was for all men and women to unite and extend the hand of friendship to each other. I was astounded and above all delighted to hear this, for it proves that the idea is beginning to spread. Yes, one day human beings everywhere will be obliged to make their voices heard to force the issue; there is no other solution.

The Universal White Brotherhood ceaselessly emits currents of unity and brotherhood, and one day those whose receivers are already tuned in to these currents are finally going to make up their minds to do something about it. This will be the brightest day in the history of mankind. Think of the tremendous changes that will be possible once the whole world becomes a single family. All those billions that are being wasted on arms and espionage will be used to transform the earth into a Garden of Eden. At the moment such a thing still seems impossible and unrealistic, a Utopia.

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The Concept of a Pan-World - or why a Fair World Order makes perfect sense - Hans Olo - 01-23-2009

We are already united with our brothers all over the world, because we are all human. We are told that this country has war with that country, and so forth, but that's just a matter of speaking, in fact it's a conflict between people in government and most importantly a profit machine for the people that control them.

Do the American people have a problem with the Iraqi people? I'd guess not. It's politicians, big business, bankers, who do. The Iraqis are in their way, not in yours, not in mine. Maybe the Iraqi government was a problem for these people, but I'm not even sure about that, after all, it was the same guys who put him there that wanted him removed.

That's why I'm with you on this. We need to open people's eyes to the simple fact that we are all one big happy family, who can feed, clothe, protect and rule itself. We just need to come to our senses. Realizing the universal brotherhood is the first step.

This is not meant to advertise a world government. It's all about less and less government, at least in my book that is.