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A Movie I recommend : The East (2013) - rockingtheboat - 03-20-2014

I really liked this movie very much. It struck a cord within me and maybe will do the same for you too. It is so refreshing and different from the usual (un)Hollywood garbage.

Try watching it without reading about it first.

To borrow an expression from a reviewer on, I too "felt the emotions of the characters". He eloquently shared his feelings about the movie when he wrote. :

Quote:..... I love a movie that can open a hole into my mind and inflict the question of how I am living my life - leaving me with a sting of the truth and the mixed feelings of someone who is on the brink of acting to correct those choices and someone who is unsure about leaving behind the comfort of what is familiar. Though the consistent opinions of this film not having a lot of action is true; it in no way lacks the reality that life does not happen in a constant motion, but draws in inconsistent flourishes- enhancing, for me, the ability to grow with the plot, as well as allowing me time to think about the overall picture. I got attached to the characters, felt their emotions, and could sympathize with their motives. Sure, it sucks when you have to buy a movie you aren't sure about, but I took a leap of faith and ended in an unexpected place- which is exactly where I wanted to be. The East brought me a subject I cared about, led me to follow my gut, asked me where I would turn right from wrong, and called me to really look at what's happening around me, us. I hope you too are searching for a movie with purpose - because this is it. So just Watch and...