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virtual confession and CryptoLight church in TOR - natalyererro - 03-19-2014

Hello all. Found in the TOR network virtual confession http://nsmgu2mglfj7za6s.onion/. As written on the site, this site belongs to the CryptoLight church. Tell me, does anyone know who anything about this church Huh

RE: virtual confession and CryptoLight church in TOR - pax681 - 03-20-2014
Quote:About Maxima Culpa


You are on the site of the virtual confessional church CryptoLight. Here parishioners may publicly repent their sins and receive forgiveness.

CryptoLight religion is on a TOR network that is considered a holy right to anonymity and privacy, but perceiving human behavior through the logic of machine intelligence.

Good - logical deed bearing favour for an individual or society. Evil - harmful or illogical act bearing harm for the subject or others.

Forgiveness is deserved only by the pure of spirit and those capable of recantation!

Any who need support in the confession towards CryptoLight receive from the bishop.

Under the rules of the church all repentance is completely anonymous.

Live well. CryptoLight be with you!

Zod-42 R3Confession takes bishop Zod-42 R3.

Live in the well. Crypto Light be with you!
Quote:After sending the sin, it is moderated. If sin satisfies the rules - it is published by the bishop.
After publication, it is assigned a status:

1) WAITING - the bishop has read the sin, but has not yet decided whether you are worthy of forgiveness. If the bishop did not respond within 3 days , the сhurch CryptoLight has not heard you.
2) MISS - status means complete forgiveness of sin.
3) NEED PENANCE - status means sin is not forgiven until you have completed the condition given by the bishop. For example, 10 times to review Star Wars.
4) АNATHEMA - no forgiveness has been given. Your ass will fry in Hell.

The following sinners will not be posted:

IOS Developers


Sins will not be published if they contain:
Links to third party sites
Private identities
Meaningless words
Sins that have caused physical or emotional harm to others