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Latest JoyCamp Videos - CharliePrime - 03-07-2014

Latest video from the boys at JoyCamp.

There was something about Benny that just hasn't been 'right' for the last several months.

Now I know why my spidey-sense was tingling.

RE: Latest JoyCamp Videos - CharliePrime - 03-16-2014

Cadillac ELR Parody. To enjoy this video, I first had to alleviate my ignorance regarding what the heck is a "Cadillac ELR". Turns out, it's another retarded electric hybrid car,

...only marketed to azzholes using time-tested brainwashing techniques...

JoyCamp delivers !...


RE: Latest JoyCamp Videos - CharliePrime - 03-20-2014

When ObamaCare Comes to Your Door