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Help: Audio Question - RaFTertheONE - 02-21-2014

I want to have two serperate audio tracks for a MP4 file. You see these videos on youtube where one track is English and another track for a different language. Anyone know how to do this? I'm using Adobe Premiere Elements 11. 1080 H264 video

Thank you

Going to try the program Xvid4PSP. This is all I have found so far. It's an older program, so it might not work out.

RE: Help: Audio Question - RaFTertheONE - 02-22-2014

It looks like I have to build the installey myself? This doesn't look good. Too bad because I really wanted a commentary track for my film Music Videos That Still Want Your Soul. A commentary track would make my video more understandable. Kind of suprised adding a second audio track is this hard. I hear if the file is AVI then it's easy.

if anyone on this site knows Visual C++ and can put together this program for me.....It shouldn't take that long to do.

RE: Help: Audio Question - RaFTertheONE - 02-22-2014

after hours of trying...I got it. AviDemux 2.6.7. ARRG! I had to redownload because of uninstall. Now the damn thing won't download. 17MB file and it say I have a hour download. Clossed Utorrent and still....I'm dripping sweat from working on this it problem. So close,

RE: Help: Audio Question - nofunclub - 02-23-2014

free open source is better downloaded from the original source

RE: Help: Audio Question - Orwell63 - 02-23-2014