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WATCH LIVE : Massive Protest in Kiev - JFK - 02-19-2014

WATCH LIVE: Massive Protests in Kiev, Ukraine

After more than two months of large-scale demonstrations in Kiev, Ukraine, the uprising had its deadliest day Tuesday, with nine people reported killed, including two police officers.

The protests were initially sparked by President Viktor Yanukovych’s decision to turn away from a trade deal with the European Union and towards Russia instead. They have grown more violent as authorities have cracked down on new laws limiting the right to protest in Ukraine.

RE: WATCH LIVE : Massive Protest in Kiev - CharliePrime - 02-23-2014

This Ukraine "uprising" is Anglo-American banksters fighting Russian banksters, mostly over energy market share.

CIA is funding the anti-government "protesters" in the Ukraine. Russia is funding the pro-government "protesters".

CIA funding and propaganda like the "I am a Ukranian" video is being paid for through these two organizations:

It's the same old media campaign / regime-change shtick the Banksters/CIA has been doing since 1945 in Guatemala, Iran, Philippines, Libya, Honduras, Chile, Vietnam, and others too numerous to mention.

RE: WATCH LIVE : Massive Protest in Kiev - pax681 - 02-25-2014

My Mrs keeps an eye on this due to friends that are there.
apparently the police and army are now with the rebels and took a shot at the presidents car(it was empty)
apparently he's been told to "fuck right off2 by parliament and told tl resign but won't....