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VEVO - program suggestions - RaFTertheONE - 10-19-2013

Anyone know of a program to download 1080 video from VEVO music channel? Media Catcher and aTube Catcher both seem to fail. In the past, media catcher worked at capturing 1080 video.

theCentralBox has some high quality music videos. The file size can get rather large. Take for example Katie Perry's wide awake video. It's over 600MB for a four minute video.

Media Catcher 5 can download a youtube playlist at once. Very useful.

Thinking about putting a 1080 video together and it would be very useful to download from VeVo. So if anyone knows a program....

On the torrent sites, people upload 1080 videos @ 1000-2000 kbits. What's the point? It would be like uploading a 320X240 @ 5000 bits. The first example is probably worse.

check out this site

If anyone buys a music video from there, let me know if it 1080.

BTW, in opera there's a thing called the stash. I'm guessing this is the favorites. How do you get to the stash? Been trying to figure it out and it's driving me crazy1