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RE: Can you FEEL real nutrition? - thokling - 10-06-2013

Going to build on fujinn's response here.

The cholesterol in meats keeps the body from having to produce its own; meat also has stearic acid in copious quantities, which provides a myriad of health benefits.

Cooking food breaks down a lot of stuff and releases nutrients, making it more health-packed than raw food. While not eliminating raw vegetables from the diet is handy for, at the very least, a source of fiber, I don't see any practical benefit from avoiding cooked foods completely, let alone meats for that matter.

Cheese is also a wonder-food, containing lauric acid that holds many of the same benefits as stearic acid.

The best thing one can do for their diet, unless genetically predisposed to require it, is drop carbs, or at the very least refined carbs like grains and sugars. Most carbs seem to be obtainable from vegetables and fat.

RE: Can you FEEL real nutrition? - Watchdog - 10-09-2013

How about this?

Neanderthal-Paleolithic with modern cuisine knowledge and a personal twist.

RE: Can you FEEL real nutrition? - thokling - 10-09-2013

Modernising the diet our distant ancestors held dear, with spices and contemporary methods of cooking (including some skill in chemistry), is a rather fine idea. At the same time, particularly when food was scarce and they didn't have the same societal/cultural taboos we did, I suspect they found additives, perhaps such as feces, to stretch the nutritional value of their meals; this is something I am completely unwilling to explore, myself, and am rather happy to stick to a more "Western diet".