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Fema's Camp Freedom - Ellardin - 09-26-2013

Hello everyone,

I have tried finding news articles on the subject but none have come up, so far as I know. Has there been any news at all that indicates that the people who were in Camp Freedom were at one point allowed to leave or go back to their homes due to the effect and danger of Hurricane Sandy being over?

Did the people in camp freedom ever leave the camp, or are they still there?

RE: Fema's Camp Freedom - CharliePrime - 09-27-2013

I've never heard of "Camp Freedom".

RE: Fema's Camp Freedom - thokling - 09-27-2013

That's a really good question. I searched the Web for "camp freedom" 2013, and it stilll only returned reports from November of 2012. Not even InfoWars had any updates regarding the situation there. Not even complaints that the conditions were still appalling or had improved. Nothing.

Someone fucked up somewhere by not following this up. It's that easy to pull the veil over the public, apparently. Here's a sampling of links for those unfamiliar with Camp Freedom:

All from the search terms I noted at the top of this response.

RE: Fema's Camp Freedom - Ellardin - 09-29-2013


Can anyone find camp freedom over Google maps or some form of Google earth program? Interesting that no one has even heard of what happened to camp freedom.

RE: Fema's Camp Freedom - Deathaniel - 10-02-2013

Easy to suppress a mass group just take away there cell phones and internet access. Wonder if there being kept up to date or are part of a reverse experiment like "blast from the past!" Maybe they think there the only survivors so the gov could see how the general pop will respond to forced captivity! "for there own good"