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Hallett & Spymaster - Stalin's British Training - Paedophiles at War (2007) - redgonzo - 07-13-2013

This is Greg Hallett's and Spymaster's shocking book Stalin's British Training - Breeding Concubines - Paedophiles at War (2007) which reveals the astonishing connections between dictatorships of the 20th century, international bankers, secret societies, intelligence agencies and British monarchy. Stalin, one of the most ruthless dictators of world history, was trained by occultist Gurdjieff as Martinist Freemason. It was actually Britain that provided the training ground for these immigrant revolutionaries who then went to destroy their own countries as this saved the colonising British army from doing it. Find out the occult connections between Stalin and Churchil who was in reality King Edward VII’s illegitimate son. Together with Lord Kitchener, these two of the most decorated men in British history were in reality paedophiles who competed to commit the most heinous crimes in the British Colonies. This includes the origins of concentration camps. The authors also reveal that Jack The Ripper was an inside job that had the full support of occultist Freemasons and the British Royal family. Is it possible that the occult roots behind Hitler and Stalin were one and the same? Could it be that all the leaders of World War 2 were actually playing for the same team? Find out who actually sets up these all-mighty dictatorships that enslave and murder millions only to be taken down later on by the invisible hand. To the Illuminati, there are no enemies in war, only allies with similar training. The idea is not to win the war, but to sell the war to as many people for as long as possible. This includes selling the war for generations afterwards - hence all the history books are always doctored this way. Stalin's British Training is a fascinating book about how controlled idealogical conflicts are created - all by the secret masterminds playing it all behind the scenes. And it also seems that all those big leaders are actually blood-related - all one big happy family. 220 pages, many pictures. A must read for everyone.


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