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Reed&Goulden&Kincaid - News Manipulators - Why You Can't Trust News (1993) - redgonzo - 07-13-2013

This is Irvine Reed's, Joseph C. Goulden's and Cliff Kincaid's amazing book The News Manipulators - Why You Can't Trust the News (1993) which is a collection of over 100 articles revealing how you've been misled and manipulated by news stories you thought were all true. Everyone who firmly believes that one of the essential foundations of a free society is fair, honest, unbiased news simply must read this book. It reveals with incontrovertible facts how today's news reporters, writers, editors ... and many of the most famous news personalities on TV and in the press ... have been putting out one-sided, slanted, deceptive news in order to manipulate public opinion the way THEY think best. Over 20 years ago Reed became alarmed at the way news people can literally shape a society by putting out slanted, one-sided, misleading news stories. His Accuracy in Media's newspaper columns and radio broadcasts exposing inaccurate, distorted, dishonest news are read and heard throughout America. What you will read in this fascinating book will shock and anger you as you'll probably turn out to be yet another victim of The News Manipulators. 335 pages. A must read for everyone.


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