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Russians signal openness to Venezuela’s offer to shelter Snowden - mexika - 07-07-2013

It seems that no European Civilized Nation wants to give Snowden asylum or citizenship. Iceland just withdraw from giving Snowden legal citizenship under a new regime change. The U.S, under Obama's leadership is prosecuting whistle-blowers left and right and civil rights and NSA Spying are in full violation of peoples freedoms and liberties to privacy and espionage.

So far the only nations who are not afraid to step up to the Imperialist Death Star Nation(s), seems to be Latin America with the most democratic ideals for peace, sovereignty, civilization, human rights respect, and cooperation for nature with people are:

Venezuela, Ecuador, Paraguay, Bolivia, and even Brazil with its corrupt turmoil, amongst other south American Nations who on the verge of full democratic respect for human rights and equal protections.

What it seems is that no European Nation has the spine to protect civil rights and privacy since they are also engaged with espionage and spy networks on their own citizens and are conspiring with the United States to follow the same lines of violations of privacy and respect for their citizens. So much for being world class Civilizations, Civil, respecting civil rights and Privacy and progress in the human spirit... And they call these European Nations Democracies? Where the heck did they find this idea, off a crack jack box or jack in the Box?

These European Nations are being threaten by the United States with dire consequences and so Those European Nations are not even willing to protect A European from the big bad Imperial Powers. There is surely something very sinister here.

The Corporations are threatening these European Nations with Economic Black Mail or political cooperation if these little puppet European States do not obey big imperial Bruthas! These so called civilized are conspiring to lynch A European who stuck its neck out in the name of freedom, liberty, and free from being spied on by big brother.

The United States and The European Union as so called leaders of Democratic Ideals, peace and equal justice are sending a very dark star MESSAGE to all those Europeans who stick their neck out for what Snowden has presented himself "A LIBERATOR OF THE PEOPLE".

To Europeans from American and E.U:

This is a hijack...You will not undermine our rules under the European "union tyrants" and our partner leader "America" as beacons for freedoms.You will not "European" go against us or be wealth harshly, European.

The message is crystal Clear. No European shall undermine Euro Rules and our Partner-in-crime, America; home of the brave, liberty, justice, and peace. Its loud and clear.... ;>



MOSCOW — Venezuela’s offer of asylum for NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden got a thumbs up from key members of the Russian parliament Saturday, even as the Kremlin and Foreign Ministry kept a studious silence.

“Sanctuary for Snowden in Venezuela would be the best decision,” Alexei Pushkov, head of the foreign affairs committee of Russia’s lower house of parliament, tweeted Saturday.

Pushkov, who reliably reflects the government’s position on international issues, voiced what appears to be a growing official desire to see Snowden leave after 13 days holed up in transit limbo at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport. He wrote of Snowden, “He can’t live at Sheremetyevo.”

Another parliamentary deputy and member of Pushkov’s committee, Alexander Babakov, told the Russian News Service on Saturday that he thinks the offer of asylum Friday from Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro was Snowden’s best recourse.

“Given that Snowden’s U.S. passport was revoked and that he has no particular alternative, the proposal, especially coming from the mouth of the head of state, is sure to be accepted,” he said.

Pushkov also argued that asylum would not cost Venezuela because the country is already in an acute conflict with the United States. “It can’t get worse,” he wrote.

The central question, though, is how Snowden might get to Venezuela. Until now, Russia has been saying he cannot fly out without proper documents, following the revocation of his U.S. passport. On Saturday, a lieutenant colonel in Russia’s FSB reserve, Anatoly Yermolin, told the radio station Ekho Moskvy that Russia could grant Snowden status as a “stateless person,” and that would allow him to leave without further complications.

But a more difficult question is: by what route? Direct commercial flights from Moscow to Havana cross European airspace, and after the refusal of France, Italy and Spain to allow an overflight Tuesday by Bolivian President Evo Morales, that route would seem to be problematic for Snowden. He might have to rely on a private plane, following a roundabout course, if he were to reach Caracas.

Maduro said he was offering asylum so that the former National Security Agency contractor could live “free of imperial North American persecution.”

Venezuela is the first country to offer sanctuary to Snowden. On Saturday, Morales said that Bolivia is also willing to give him asylum.

The 30-year-old computer whiz has reportedly requested asylum from more than 20 countries.

Forero reported from Bogota, Colombia. Emilia Diaz in Caracas, Venezuela, contributed to this report.