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Israel Zionists have vested interest in Latin America with Aide form U.S - Obama - mexika - 07-05-2013

World War Z - Zionist Movie is war against Latin Americans:

Hollywood, dominated by Zionists, is preparing to release a film titled «World War Z» about a plague sweeping the planet which portrays zombie-afflicted Arabs piling over the «separation wall» into Israel. It is clear that what the world faces is not a plague of «zombies» but a scourge wrought by «Zionists». The real «World War Z (Zionists) is now being waged in Latin America but this war will not soon be coming to a theater near you.


Bound and determined to reverse Latin America’s progressive drift and movement away from the dictates of Washington, President Obama has quietly called forth from America’s sordid history south of the border a demon the Latin Americans know only too well: Israel. During the Ronald Reagan administration, Israel propped up with military equipment, intelligence, counter-insurgency training, and money a number of right-wing fascist governments in Latin America.

Israel’s support for fascism in Latin America actually began during the Jimmy Carter presidency. After Carter embargoed U.S. weapons exports to Nicaragua’s brutal dictator Anastasio Somoza, Israel stepped in to fill the void.

Today, Obama has permitted Israel and Israel’s agents of influence in his own administration, to use all the means at their disposal to undermine progressive governments in Latin America. After the death of Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez, a bitter critic of Israel’s policies toward the Palestinians, the subversive activities of Israeli and American operatives, operating under George Soros-linked non-governmental organization (NGO) cover, have increased across the region.

Although Obama, unlike Reagan, does not have congressional bans like the Boland Amendment, to stymie efforts to overthrow progressive Latin American leaders, he does have a public perception that he, as a Nobel Peace Prize recipient, is committed to peace. Rather than sacrifice his public persona with bloody moves to overthrow Latin American governments, Obama has chosen stealthily to work through Israel and its sayanim foreign foot soldiers to return Latin America to the status quo ante of a series of dictatorships that protect the wealthy and subjugate the poor and working class.

Latin America believed it was beginning to witness long sought justice when a Guatemalan court found former dictator Efrain Rios Montt guilty of genocide on May 10 and sentenced the 86-year old former general to 80 years in prison. Rios Montt, a convert to the Pentecostal Church of the Word (Iglesia el Verbo), which preaches dogma that is in lockstep with Zionist Judaism, was found guilty of massacring hundreds of thousands of Mayan Ixil natives and other opponents of Guatemala’s military rulers. Rios Montt’s genocide could not have been possible without the military and intelligence support given his regime by Israel, with the normal «wink and a nod» from Washington. Israel had long been active in Guatemala helping the regime to commit genocide against native Guatemalans. The Israeli government always felt at ease in dealing with right-wing fascist Guatemalan leaders, including presidents Rios Montt and Kjell Laugerud Garcia, both graduates of the genocide-training School of the Americas. The hopes of Guatemalans and other Latin Americans suppressed by military dictators propped up by Israel and the United States were dashed when Guatemala’s highest court struck down Rios Montt’s conviction. The conviction was opposed by Guatemala’s ruling elite of military brass and corporate chieftains, most of whom have strong ties to the Jewish state.

Competing trade blocs

One of Israel’s most trusted allies, Canadian Prime Minster Stephen Harper, journeyed to Lima, Peru during one of his worst political scandals at home, to push for a corporate dream trade bloc – the Pacific Alliance – bringing together Canada, Peru, Chile, Colombia, and Mexico – to complete against Hugo Chavez’s American- and Canadian-free Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA) and the associated PetroCaribe oil trading bloc. Venezuela is the newest member of the powerful trade bloc Mercosur (Southern Common Market), long dominated by Argentina and Brazil. Israel’s sayanim, long dominant in Chilean, Peruvian, and Colombian business conglomerates and media, are proclaiming the corporation-friendly Pacific Alliance is the wave of the future and that ALBA, Mercosur, and the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) are moribund and destined for the garbage can of alphabet soup organizations.

Meanwhile, the Israeli-influenced U.S. State Department and its U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) CIA adjunct have turned up the heat on progressive governments in Venezuela, Bolivia, Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, and Ecuador. Bolivian President Evo Morales, said after banning USAID activities in his country that the organization allocated «no more than 10 to 15 percent» of its Bolivian funds for economic improvement. The remainder of the funds were used to engage in anti-government intelligence activities and promoting the political careers of anti-Morales and pro-U.S. and Israel politicians and political parties.

The first Argentine pope, Francis I, formerly the archbishop of Buenos Aires, has resulted in Israel’s increasing its budget to bring Latin American Roman Catholic priests to Israel for ideological indoctrination by rabbis. Francis’s statements criticizing «savage capitalism» have not sat well in the halls of power in Jerusalem or New York and London.

Targets Honduras and Venezuela

After its involvement, along with the CIA and the Miami-based U.S. Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) in the 2009 ouster in a military coup of Honduran President Manuel Zelaya, Israel’s intelligence service is organizing its agents of influence to ensure that Zelaya’s wife, Xiomara Castro de Zelaya, is not successful in her presidential bid in November.

Israel’s propaganda machine and sayanim agents in the U.S. media were operating at full strength after the Honduran coup. After his forced exile, Zelaya covertly returned to Honduras with the help of loyal elements in the Honduran military. Zelaya was subsequently besieged by Honduran police and military forces inside the Brazilian embassy in Tegucigalpa. The ruling Honduran junta sporadically cut off electricity, water, and food supplies to the embassy, a violation of international law on the inviolability of diplomatic missions.

The strongly pro-Israeli Miami Herald reported on a telephone interview it had with Zelaya and reported that the Honduran leader said he was being subjected to "high-frequency radiation" from Israeli mercenaries who were supporting the Honduran junta. The paper also reported that Zelaya said the Israelis were using "mind-altering" gas and radiation. In actuality, that is not what Zelaya stated in his phone conversation on September 24 with Venezuela’s President Chavez, who was attending the UN General Assembly session in New York. Chavez said he spoke to Zelaya by phone and the Honduran leader told him a piece of equipment on the rooftop of a neighboring home had been recovered by his supporters and brought into the embassy. When Zelaya checked the gear’s serial number on the Internet, it turned out the equipment was a cell phone jamming device manufactured in Israel.

What Zelaya stated to Chavez and presumably to the Miami Herald is that the junta and its Israeli private security company advisers were jamming the cell phones of those holed up inside the embassy. Zelaya never spoke of radiation death rays but that is the impression the Herald gave and it was quickly picked up by various neo-con and Zionist-controlled media outlets. Zelaya was called an «anti-Semitic lunatic» by the sayanim media chorus in the United States and Latin America that included The New York Times and The Washington Post editorial boards. The U.S. State Department and its Assistant Secretary for Western Hemisphere Affairs Roberta Beach Jacobson has as her primary mission the ouster of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and his replacement with the «Holocaust grandchild» Henrique Capriles Radonski and the prevention of Zelaya de Castro from being elected President of Honduras.

Israel’s Venezuelan interlocutors, active mainly in Capriles’s Radonski’s right-wing Justice First Movement, are trying to delegitimize Maduro’s government by claiming the April 14 election was rigged. No credible international election monitors have agreed with the election rigging charges. Chavez always maintained that Venezuela’s opposition was financed by Israel. In fact, the American Jewish Committee, based in New York, and its hemispheric sub-set, the Latin American Jewish Committee, have provided much of the propaganda ammunition over the years targeting Chavez and Maduro… One of Israel’s chief agents of influence in Venezuela is opposition politician Antonio Ledezma. George Soros’s non-governmental organizations have weighed in by supporting calls for international support for the Venezuelan opposition, especially from the European Union where Soros’s influence is often suffocating.

Hollywood, dominated by Zionists, is preparing to release a film titled «World War Z» about a plague sweeping the planet which portrays zombie-afflicted Arabs piling over the «separation wall» into Israel. It is clear that what the world faces is not a plague of «zombies» but a scourge wrought by «Zionists». The real «World War Z (Zionists) is now being waged in Latin America but this war will not soon be coming to a theater near you.

RE: Israel Zionists have vested interest in Latin America with Aide form U.S - Obama - mexika - 07-06-2013

So called Latin Americans shall be informed of these Zionist scum bags and these Native People will protect their lands, trees, forest, nature from these Satanist Zionist Jews. Latin American will call out these bigot Jews for what they are... This They will do and will be So because Latin Americans, Including true Mexicans do not care about their Zionist fuqn money and material, control and power, what is sought is a future for the generations to come with respect, dignity, and honor, nature, the butterfly, the bee, and the planet! So Latin Americans send a message to these fugn Jew Zionist that if they wish a war with Latin American, we will be waiting, analyzing your satanist behavior and watching your evil ways because 520 years of extreme racism is but a lesson to be learned of which these Jews have not after so many thousands of years; still remain hungry cannibalizing planetary savages!