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Wrong Color in the Wrong Place - psilocybin - 05-19-2013

So, Mexika, what do you think about this?

RE: Wrong Color in the Wrong Place - FastTadpole - 05-19-2013

Plenty more stories fitting this same theme here: (private group)


Some of these stories make Machete and Django Unchained look tolerant.

RE: Wrong Color in the Wrong Place - SiLVa - 05-20-2013

Ive been in that situation before. Being prepared for anything is always prudent when your not in your own familiar territory. One time I was driving down to Myrtle Beach, just me and my girl at the time. The directions had taken me way off the highway into some rural town and I needed gas, the tank was near empty. The only people around were black and I knew the minute we got there that we stood out. For one, it was late at night, maybe after 11pm and I was the only one driving in the area. Everyone else was either on foot or on bicycles.
I pulled up into the Gas Station and there was a small crew of guys walking up to the same place, looked like the only thing open for miles. Everyone I looked at just stared back at me like they were waiting for me to say something. Maybe they were sizing me up, Im a pretty big guy so who knows. My girl was getting nervous, not because they were black and we weren't, but because even the gas clerk never left his booth and I was going to have to get out and pump the gas. The guys that walked up went over to the booth and thats when I noticed that he was behind bulletproof glass and had a sliding drawer that he would slip them cigs or whatever through and they would pay through the drawer. Maybe its just me, maybe its because I grew up in NYC/NJ area, I knew I had to let them know I wasnt scared. I had a telescoping baton with me(although supposedly illegal), I nonchalantly get out of the car without looking at them, just staying aware and using my peripheral vision, I flick my wrist and the baton extends and I start tapping the tires walking around the car. Of course this is just for show, but Im not directly threatening them. After I pump the gas and make my way over to the booth to pay for the gas I notice the guys backing off and mumbling shit to themselves as they turn and start walking away. They probably thought I was a cop or maybe just didnt want to bother with me after seeing the baton.
Now, I have plenty of black friends, and some of them would say what I did was racist, pre-judging those black kids as thugs that might try something because of the way they were looking at me. I could care less, race was not the issue. I honestly didnt think they would try to do something but I decided to let them know I was ready if they did. Even without regard to their race there were many factors playing into the fear and thats the 1st mistake. Letting fear consume you in a bad situation usually doesnt end well. I would like to think I would have reacted the same no matter what race or color the people were. Especially if I'm not in a familiar area. Always be prepared.