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Serpents in the Sky - CharliePrime - 05-12-2013

About a year ago I began following the work of Randall Carlson. He researches catastrophism and sacred geometry.

His latest article...

Throw his RSS feed in your reader:

RE: Serpents in the Sky - fujiinn - 05-12-2013 Wrote:Engineer Paul Cox of the Slooh Space Camera in the Canary Islands remarked,

“This should be a wake-up call to governments. We know the solar system is a busy place. We’re not sitting here on our pale blue dot, on our own in nice safety.”

Just another reason we need government Icon_biggrin

Nice info Charlie!

RE: Serpents in the Sky - mexika - 05-13-2013

Each and every year, our planet is warming up. This summer let us measure how we stand up to it.

RE: Serpents in the Sky - TeslaandLyne - 05-14-2013

Yes dragons in the sky, this was done by Velikovsky and
I suppose others who have read ancient documents.
Perhaps only Velikovsky attributes the dragons to world
wide event catastrophes and planets Mars and Venus
out of control of gravity. Never given the OK by the
elite and Illuminati so I usually side with Velikovsky
on the history of dragons.