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Live H2o Concerts: The Plan To Put The World "To Sleep" - --- - 02-11-2009

Quote:This article was sent to me by my good friend Faith at myspace. I can see her point and am circulating this information in case she is right!

Live H2o Concerts: The Plan To Put The World "To Sleep"

Some of you may have heard of the upcoming LiveH2o Concerts reportedly planning to realign the world with "The Key Of Love", 528 hz., amplified to all on the planet - and in the Cosmos - through the Earth's "Key Bodies Of Water".

However, what the creator of this idea, Leonard Horowitz, and his helper, Dr Emoto of "Messages From Water" fame, hasn't told us is that this isn't exactly what will happen to us - or the globe - or any of the plants and animals on Earth. For, when everything is entrained to Mr. Horowitz' one prescribed beat of 1.45hz., then it will also be entrained to Deep Delta Brainwave State, the state reserved for Deep SLEEP - at night.

The 528 key = tuning, however, it's the 1.45 timing of the drumming that one must become aware of as the actual "Key" to this whole endeavor.

To see the discussion between TIMING and TUNING see this link:

To see the TIMING results, go to this link:

See the main page here:

What all of this means is that Mr. Horowitz, et. al proposes to put everyone in alignment with the frequencies that will unite mankind, the globe and the universe, yet these are not frequencies, or beats, are that anywhere near being those that are natural to - anything or anyone in Reality/Nature!

I, as a drummer can tell you that if Mr. Horowitz is successful in his plan to amplify this TIMING/beat, ( Forget the tuning and pay attention to the timing! ), to the entire world, then:

1) It would cause a hummingbird anywhere within the vacinity of a concert to entrain to this terribly slow beat and drop dead from the sky - simply because a hummingbird has a much higher heart rate/brainwave state than 1.45hz., ( Please note that everything and everyone has their own "signature" heart beat/brain wave State, therefore, beside the fact that hummingbirds would not fair well on this hertz, neither would babies, whales, or plants and animals. All have a different higher or lower frequency/beat by which they live. These are called Circadian Rhythms. ), and

2) It would cause anyone with low blood pressure to keel over - for the same reason: they too need a much higher heart rate/brainwave state, or "beat", to stay alive. ( Please see the disclaimer advising people with pacemakers to be careful of the side-effects of this heart beat/brainwave entrainment on the 2nd link above. )

Regardless of whether or not the amplification plan works, people still need to be made aware of the fact that that no one coordinated heart beat and brain wave state is meant to be the same all the time. There are different times of the day and night for different coordinated states.

The darkness actually induces Deep Delta State and The Light induces Alpha State, the state of Awakening. Therefore, Deep Delta is for sleeping during the darkness and Alpha State is for being awake during the daylight hours.

Because of this fact, one might also ask why Mr. Horowitz wants to induce *ONE* SLEEP State, naturally reserved for the dark of the night, upon the entire globe when - there will be different time zones and different states of light and dark going on during these simultaneous, world-wide concerts?

The unified State would then put those on the light side of the globe out of harmony with the Alpha state in which the sunlight is actually attempting to naturally place them. Therefore, how can Mr. Horowitz preach unity while he, himself, is creating disharmony with one imposed "night time" beat for both the light and the dark sides of the planet?

In other words, there is more, much more to this plan than what the public is being told, but, make no mistake, the imposed beat of 1.45hz will affect everyone and eveything within hearing/feeling distance of a concert - within 60 seconds of the drum beats.

I live here in Oklahoma City and know how heart beat and brainwave entrainment works for several reasons, not the least of which is because the Veteran's Hospital here has a program that uses this simple technique to re-entrain its heart attack and heart surgery patients back to "normal" beat. ( Notice I said "normal" and not natural, but that's a whole different topic. )

This program has been in use for the last 25 years. In short, the government knows that it takes less than 60 seconds for the heart/brain to entrain to a drumbeat...

It's called "The Pendulum Principle".

Leonard Horowitz knows it too.

I also know it from facilitating my Friday Night drum circles. As soon as a beat that slow begins - everyone starts to get bored and fall asleep... Their heartbeat and brainwave frequencies have entrained to that night time beat. We have to speed up the beat to get everyone, ( individually ), involved and creative again.

Therefore, putting everyone on 1.45hz, a veeeeeeeeeeeery sloooooooooooooow beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeat, is not the way to AWAKEN the world. It's the way to drain it of all energy... Not even the planet functions on that beat.

Its pulsations are set to approximately 8-12 hertz. If Mr. Horowitz succeeds in lowering the pulsations of the planet as he reports is his goal, then we can also kiss Planet Earth goodnight too...

It can't function at 1.45hz - either....

For the scientific research supporting these facts, please see:

I'm not an electrician, and don't want to terrify people with assumptions about subjects in which I have no knowledge, but from the information on the last link above, it sounds as if we're all going to be Bio-electricuted, not Bio-electrified, as Leonard promises... We can't play with these frequencies and think we aren't going to affect "The Natural Symphony Of All Things..."

I would like to state one last thing before I leave everyone to their own study of this subject. It's been my personal experience that Alpha, not Delta, State is the state of wholeness/Unity/Health/Intelligence - and it is the very state the researchers on that last link tell us will protect us from external frequencies that seek to put us in disharmony with Mother Nature.

I know the benefits of Alpha State because this is the state that cured my sons of Autism, my daughter of Learning Disabilities and myself of a severe Autoimmune System shut down - all of which was caused by a prolonged Theta State - induced by rote repetition, ( ie: a beat that works much like the slow beats of my drum circle. ), as admitted by the doctor that dx'ed my children 20 odd years ago.

When I took us all off of it, we all recovered...

Again, there is much, much more to this subject than Mr. Horowitz, or anyone in governmental authority, wants us to know.... They know what entrainment to slow beats does to the heart and brain as well as to the rest of the entire body; they reduce the amount of fuel to our genes so that nothing inside of a cell, (human or hummingbird), can grow correctly.

Sleep is not the only thing that 1.45hz will produce in the listeners and participants of the LiveH2o Concerts. Genetic dysfunction and degeneration of cellular mitosis, (caused by a disrupted Metabolism ), is the other result...

Please read up on this subject. It really could mean the difference between your life and death. Nothing lives long on 1.45 hz