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ConCen Download speeds - farfo12 - 03-04-2013

Has anyone noticed that the download speeds at ConCen have slowed down? Or have been throttled down? I have checked all of my equipment, and speed tests which indicate excellent down speeds, and now when I go to ConCen and try to download a simple 43 Mb video say, it takes over an hour with maybe on a good day 50Kb DL, per second.

Any thoughts?

RE: ConCen Download speeds - Easy Skanking - 03-04-2013

If you are talking about torrents, that speed is entirely dependent on the speed of the seeders and peers in the swarm.
If you are talking about YouTube vids, then that speed depends on YouTube/Google.
The only speeds that ConCen actually has any control over (the content on our server) is the speed of the forum and tracker pages loading. Most of those pages load at 0.1 seconds even on a slow connection.

RE: ConCen Download speeds - shortwave - 03-04-2013

I have no problem downloading anything, unless there is only one person seeding a particular file. What is your torrent client?

RE: ConCen Download speeds - sekular - 03-05-2013

Maybe if people stopped uploading all the religious crap they would get some better seeders Big Grin

RE: ConCen Download speeds - farfo12 - 03-06-2013

To all who replied. Thanks for your views. I will check some more but I think I have the answers now. I am still in a learning curve. Thanks again.

RE: ConCen Download speeds - Easy Skanking - 03-06-2013

Life is a learning curve. Wink

If you find solutions and answers, please post back so that others may benefit if they run across the same issues.