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New User - Trismegistus - 12-15-2012

New user, this site says everything I ever wanted in a torrent tracker. I am open-minded and wish to find other intellectuals who will challenge my thoughts.

On the technical side, I rent a cheap 100DL/100UL/100GB seedbox ATM, so I will share anything you can give to me. I believe that all of mankind's advances come from the sharing of information, and nothing equates to that.


RE: New User - icosaface - 12-15-2012

Welcome to ConCen Trismegistus, download what you like from the tracker and upload to your hearts content.

RE: New User - Trismegistus - 12-16-2012

I missed something in the rules when I uploaded some documentaries. They were archived because I use FTP as well, but I must have missed it in the site rules. tracker corrected it, I hope I'm not messing up already :/

RE: New User - icosaface - 12-16-2012

Yes, the rules say no posting of archived material. I will delete your torrent and you can repost as uncompressed files.


RE: New User - Easy Skanking - 12-17-2012

Welcome to ConCen!

RE: New User - Watchdog - 12-18-2012

Welcome Trismegistus
Nevermind all the anagrams times grists us
I shall always share my consciousness
Perhaps some humanness in virtual ink
But never shit in the stream we drink
All should be well in this well I hope