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Happy Birthday FastTadpole - Easy Skanking - 12-13-2012

I hope your day is full of good times with family and good friends! Happy Birthday!

RE: Happy Birthday FastTadpole - icosaface - 12-13-2012

Happy new revolution FastTadpole.

RE: Happy Birthday FastTadpole - SiLVa - 12-13-2012

To one of the best Admins around, Hope you have a great one!
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RE: Happy Birthday FastTadpole - April - 12-13-2012

(12-13-2012, 06:02 PM)SiLVa Wrote: To one of the best Admins around, Hope you have a great one!
[Image: 2e2gg8y.jpg]

YES Silva !! Crazy Very awesome one!!

Hope you have a magically rockin on top of the world kinda day Tadpole !!! [Image: happy0176.gif]

Happy Birthday you…[Image: party0020.gif]

[Image: FastTadPole2012.jpg]

RE: Happy Birthday FastTadpole - FastTadpole - 12-14-2012

Super Special Awesome. ConCen was a colloidal silver lining on a chemtrail cloud of a birthday.

I checked my mail and had a couple of ripped envelopes with some birthday cards in them; no problem - it's the thought that counts, whether I was looted or not.

Later in the day, I did some stocking stuffing shopping for my 16 and 11 year old sons yesterday, stupid sciatica had me on my knees - literally. I came back home to a disaster house as when Daddy's away -- my boys didn't even clean up after themselves when asked afterwards .. even with a Birthday plea. I taught them better than that?! To top it off, all I asked for was a card, didn't even get that. Man what a disappointment when they both forgot after I was dropping hints all week. Then my eldest had the nerve to go out and blaze for the 3rd time that day and my youngest was whining incessantly for a FastTadpole special recipe known as SuperNaan while I was doing the dishes he left me and he was busy with his video game all whilst I was eating a massive dose of pain.

The selfish generation indeed.

I'm not a complainer normally but that kinda hit hard as I have always gone all out for my boys every day, but especially on their Birthdays. Maybe I should appreciate the good days more, they haven't always been such ingrates.

I gave them a redo; we're trying again Saturday.. maybe I'll even get cake.


So thanks April, Thanks SiLVa and everyone else for your well wishing PMs and Posts commemorating my year.

RE: Happy Birthday FastTadpole - TriWooOx - 12-16-2012

Happy belated birthday mate.... Hope you had a great day