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My introduction - Interfectum - 12-06-2012

I came across ConCen after googling "fucked up documentaries". I found that many of the documentary suggestions in the thread I found weren't available on public and some private trackers. Well, some were. But there were no seeds.

After registring, I was happy to find that had 14 seeders. Sadly though, I'm only downloading at ~1kb/sec five or so minutes in.

I'm an aspiring psychonaught who loves his documentaries and this will probably be another one of my last resorts for them. I will have to look around some more before deciding whether or not it's worth frequenting.


RE: My introduction - FastTadpole - 12-06-2012

The best way to get a hold of documentaries is to request a reseed with a link to the torrent details page.

The best way to get material -- more than just "fucked up documentaries" but also fucked up e-books and audio is to do a search on the tracker.

Torrent Search

FYI: seeds are not updated live anymore since we switched to the open tracker format. Either click on the update stats button or start downloading the p2p file for a real time representation of the S/L peeps and pings.

Hoping to get some seedboxes but funds and resources are tight on our no ads, ratio free, 100% donation run slice of the internets.

Welcome to ConCen Interfectum!

RE: My introduction - shafard - 12-12-2012

Nice to meet all.My self is shafard and I am from maryland. It will be very nice to discuss and share new things with all of you.I have deep knowledge about the immigration issues.I will share alot with you and learn new things.Thanks and best regard.

RE: My introduction - SiLVa - 12-12-2012

Welcome to ConCen!

RE: My introduction - ezekiel73 - 12-12-2012

Welcome to concen. I love documentaries too. This place has me glued to my my monitor all the time. Prepare to lose days and days watching the things that spring up on the concen tracker. Have fun

RE: My introduction - Easy Skanking - 12-12-2012

A ConCen welcome to you, Interfectum and shafard. Hope you get something valuable from our little home on the web.