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Hi folks - djangokiller - 11-17-2012

Hi and hope everyone is well. I'm Anthony from Melbourne and I've been following conspiracies for the past decade or more. I've written big long reviews of various 9/11 titles on Amazon (once got a personal thanks from Peter Dale Scott for a review he thought was helpful) and I've tried to get my head around the key political assassinations, MK-Ultra, Gladio and other nasty under-the-carpet events. I think Concen is a great resource and community and I really hope the recent issues with a disgruntled ex-member don't reach an unhappy conclusion. Off the conspiracy angle I'm a big fan of cult movies and am trying to dabble in filmmaking myself. Hello to everyone here!

RE: Hi folks - icosaface - 11-17-2012

Hello djangokiller and welcome to the forum side.

RE: Hi folks - April - 11-17-2012

Glad to hear you've enjoyed your time with us thus far... thanks for taking a moment to introduce yourself to everyone. Wave

RE: Hi folks - metaglyph - 11-28-2012

Hi djangokiller,

Im very new here as well, Wink just testing out the forum but it seems like a great place full of loads of interesting and important information.

so... welcome!