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Reporting from Gaza: Live Feed - IanPotter - 11-16-2012

Hi Folks. Don't think this link has been posted here, but if so feel free to delete (or move to another section - wasn't sure where it should go).

Basically, there's an English guy in Gaza City doing a live feed. He has contacts all over Palestine and he's giving a blow by blow account of bombings, deaths and drone flyovers etc.

I've been watching it now and again over the last 36 hrs of so. It's heartbreaking at times and the tension is quite unbearable.

He's just about to get some sleep, but coincidentally, right now, this minute, things are hotting up all over Gaza and a few moments ago there was a huge explosion near the studio.

So, I posted it for you, but I posted it for him too. What a stunningly brave guy in an unbelievably awful situation.

Viva Palestine!

Israel... I really really hope you die and soon. What despicable vermin you 'people' are.

PS: Whoops. Here's the link!

PPS: Also forgot to mention. You only get sound when he presses a button. If you see him talking but you can't hear anything it's intentional. Just wait and when he's got something to tell you you'll hear it just fine.